Timeless Places / Everlasting Love

Bahadir drives with his wife and two little daughters for a while, on interstate roads, for a two week holiday. They have fun during the journey. Yet, this entertaining journey would end with a tragic accident. Bahadir is rescued from the wreck of car as injured badly while his family dies in car.
After the terrible accident, Bahadir is alone and he is in deep sorrow and pain. Next door neighbor Handan, brings food to Bahadir in mornings and evenings and always helps Bahadir at other subjects.
Handan is a woman who always feels herself close to Bahadir. They know each other since they are teenagers and Handan is happy to see him through in his tough times.
Bahadir, also has some problems with his memory after the horrible accident. He begins to encounter with some odd activities in his apartment. There are also some points about his life that he cannot remember depending on trauma.
It is seen that Bahadir’s mother is an important element including Handan at Bahadir’s recovering.
As he feels better physically he pours himself into computer games and virtual chats to get over his solitude days. He never expects having a date and commencing a relationship with a woman. However, a woman whose name is Damla, changes his thoughts.
Damla lives with her three year old daughter and sociopath husband. She has no encourage to change her life and break her marriage, sometimes consoles herself by internet chats. She doesn’t hope falling in love with Bahadir either.
But the story evolves to a different dimension while Bahadir remembers some facts about his life like having some special powers and a mysterious manuscript book.
Bahadir and Damla dates at a cafe and improves their relationship. Bahadir, in the meantime, continues remembering how to use his special skills and mysterious codex by means of some dreams. Using the book, the couple have different experiences.
As Bahadir and Damla get closer to each other and have interesting experiences Damla connects Bahadir closely. Handan becomes upset and sorry when she is aware of other woman, Damla.
Handan and Bahadir are confronted with some facts and this confrontation would not be the last one.
Damla blames herself becase she thinks she gives a problem to her boyfriend and wants to talk to him. Bahadir suggests her another experience that Damla finds very interesting. This time, she finds out some realities and tragedies about her life by courtesy of this second experience and though she crumbles Bahadir supports. She loses her health at the end of the experience and is taken to hospital. When they are back from experience Damla finds herself in hospital but she feels stronger herself than ever. There is a strain between Damla and her husband in hospital.
Bahadir thinks that he was not fair against Handan and knocks her apartment door. However this meeting would not be so easy for Bahadir. He has difficult moments amongst his mother, Handan, the book and surprising facts which all force his mind too much. Because the facts coming from the past get too heavy for him to carry. Bahadir suddenly falls down. That was the moment all the facts are clear and he resolves what to do with his difficult situation.

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The story is based on one of the substories of the novel Timeless Places / Zamansiz Mekanlar, written and copyrighted by Levent Aslan.
The copyright holders of the script of which the synopsis above are Levent Aslan and Burak Ozbay internationally.

  • Levent Aslan
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    Zamansız Mekanlar / Ölümsüz Aşk
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Writer - Levent Aslan, Burak Ozbay