The Timehri Film Festival (TFF) is an annual Guyanese and Caribbean film festival aimed at showcasing the work of Guyanese and Caribbean filmmakers in the Region and Diaspora. The Festival was conceived by the New York City based Caribbean Film Academy (CaFA), and Rewind & Come Again (RACA), and is now also presented by Third Horizon.

This year's Festival will be held May, 2020. TFF will feature a full slate of short and feature length films from across the English, Spanish and French speaking Caribbean.

The Festival venues, will include Moray House and Dutch Bottle Cafe, and the films will be screened from Thursday through Sunday.

1. Short film, no longer than 30 mins
2. Music videos styled as short films
3. Feature Length film, 45 mins or longer
4. Made after January 1, 2019
5. Made (1) in or about Guyana or by a filmmaker of Guyanese heritage; (2) in or about the Caribbean, or by a filmmaker of Caribbean heritage
6. Documentaries, narratives, animations are all welcome
7. Submissions to include
a. Synopsis
b. Credits
c. Key Art - poster and production stills or screen shots (high resolution images)
d. Film - as a high resolution .mp4 or .mov file
e. Trailer/Teaser (if there is one) - as a high resolution .mp4 or .mov file
f. Filmmaker bio and profile pic

Overall Rating
  • And we Unfold

    Elodie and myself were really honoured that our film was selected for this festival. Although I was unable to attend I was kept up to date and the excellent publicity made up for this!

    November 2019