Passion for telling powerful stories.
I’m South African born but have now been living in Ireland for many years, I am interested and passionate about film and other media and thought it would be cool to get into. At this point I have been in a short film "Wounded Ella "co - staring as as the viscous gang member " Tommy " and recently "In Plastic " a music video for the band "Girl band " and James Cramers " Back to Bohemia " music video.

I have continued in work on two further music videos including Daryl Smiths " I came to change " as a army member and Kitty, Daisy and Lewis music video for " Down on my knees ". In July I starred in Ferran Molinas short " The Desk " as " Big Boy ", due for a festival run throughout the year. In 2018 I will release my first short film called " Ellie ". I am directing, producing and starring in this project, this is the primary project I am making available for submission at this point. I am also producer on a American short called " The Tinted view ", currently in production.

I am a training psychotherapist and love to keep in good shape by weightlifting and power lifting. I also have a passion for music attending concerts all the time.
Glasgow Caledonian University
Counselling Psychotherapy
Passion for telling powerful stories.