Peaceful Glide

Up until a hundred years ago, the Eurasian griffon vulture could have been seen all over Croatia. Out of four species of vultures, they are the only survivors. Today they live only on five islands in the northern part of Adriatic coast in Croatia and every “new flight” brings hope to the survival of their species.

Its simple but perfect movement emanate from almost invisible use of its own energy. Like some kind of Zen master he indulges in wind and turns the air resistance into harmonious sailing.

They migrate during their first year of life, yet only one out of ten survives. If they come back, stay here for the rest of their life. Most of them start a family on the same cliffs they were born in.

Although it may look intimidating, the Eurasian griffon vulture is very timid and fearful bird. Unlike most other carnivore creatures, including humans, griffon does not hunt and kill to survive. Nowadays there is less sheep farmers on Croatian islands than it used to be, thus less food left for griffons. If there is not enough food, they seek salvation in the Italian Alps where a nature reserve and feeding ground is located for them. Man is his worst enemy, yet at the same time the only one who can secure their survival.

Just like humans, the griffons have various and different fortunes. Life of the small griffon begins at the steep cliff on some Croatian island. The time for the first flight happens at the beginning of the tourist season, when the thin line between civilization and nature becomes almost non existent. Insecure, dependent and scared, it has to find the strength and courage to fly into the uncertainty of life.

Can we admire the nature truly, to understand that nature is our one and only home?

  • Sandi Novak
  • Tomislav Vujnović
  • Sandi Novak
  • Miran Miošić
  • Stanislav Kovačić
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    Tihi Let
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  • Runtime:
    50 minutes 40 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    January 15, 2020
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    Croatia, Italy
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Director Biography - Sandi Novak

Sandi Novak was born in 1961 in Zagreb, Croatia and obtained the Master of Arts degree in cinematography on the Academy of Dramatic Art in his city of birth. Since then he works as a documentarist and has filmed a number of documentaries; some of them as the author, some as the cinematographer. As an author he has shot in many different parts of the world including Peru (“Velebit u Andama” /”Velebit in Andes”/, a three part documentary about the “ANDE 95” speleological expedition); USA (“Od Čikaga do Čikaga /”From Chicago to Chicago”, four documentaries, on a speleological expedition); UAE (“Zemlja pustinjskog sokola” /”The Land of Desert Falcon”/). He has also filmed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Cuba and some other countries.
As a director of photography he has worked on more than 150 music videos for Croatian bands and around 50 TV commercials for brands such as T-com, Citroen, Valvoline, Tuborg, Keune and other companies.
As an ENG cameraman he has worked for Croatian TV, for ABC, CBS and ORF.
He is a member of HDFD, Filmmakers Association of Croatia and HZSU, Croatian Union of Artists.

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