Threat of a Red Giant

Various individuals are brought together to discuss a means of saving the human race from the eminent threat that is the sun, which will one day decimate the entire solar system. As the discussion progresses, tensions begin to run high and the topic shifts into a deeper conversation about the flaws of society.

  • Randy Figueroa
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    Sci-Fi, Drama
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Randy Figueroa

Vickandy Figueroa began his artistic journey studying music in 2014 and only started acting at the after being introduced to it by the theatre teacher in his High School. Figueroa trained under the theatre company, Epic Theatre Ensemble and started off doing productions of Shakespeare plays such as Hamlet, Taming of The Shrew and Romeo & Juliet which also had original writing done by students. He then proceeded to co-write an original play called “Laundry City”, a provocative satire about educational segregation that has toured throughout various events in New York City as well as in San Antonio for the AERA 2017 Annual Meeting and in Albany for a council meeting regarding the state of education in New York City. He received an award from the city council of New York for his work in the city’s community. Although not his birth name, Figueroa chose to make "Randy Figueroa" his main artistic pseudonym, as he feels more connected to that name. He also goes by "Maverick Disciple" for any music related projects he's attached to.

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Writer Statement

This story originally began as a short concept just about the idea of trying to save the human race from being destroyed. As I kept looking back at it, I realized that it could be a greater story that passes judgement on humanity and the repetitive mistakes it's made. It's moments like that that remind me why I love the arts. A small idea can change and evolve in an instant and become something better and hopefully, more thought provoking.