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Thoughts and Actions

Selim and Eda are a couple who have been together for seven years. Selim is a graduate of archaeology and is doing a master's degree, if he gives his thesis, he will become a research assistant. Eda is studying literature. She extended her schooling by a year. Eda's uncle, who lives in England, offers Eda and Selim to live in England. but Eda and Selim have to make a decision within a week. Selim and Eda had a violent fight while talking about going to England; Selim is in favor of not going, Eda is in favor of going.
The movie starts the day after the couple's fight. Each of them lives the continuation of the fight in their thoughts. Ultimately, the couple has to make a decision: either they will go to the UK or they will leave.

  • Eren Cura
  • Eren Cura
  • Eren Cura
  • Eda Beril Geylek
    Key Cast
  • Ahmet Faruk Göçmen
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
    Experimental, Feature, Student
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 27 minutes 25 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    May 31, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    2,000 USD
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
    Yes - Anadolu Üniversitesi Sinema ve Televizyon Bölümü
Director Biography - Eren Cura

He was born in Afyon in 1995. He currently lives in Afyon. In 2013, he started the History department at Dokuz Eylül University. He left in 2016 and moved to the Cinema and Television department of Anadolu University. After making two short films, he completed his first feature film, Thoughts and Actions, during his final year at university. He graduated from the university in June 2023. He is working on his second feature film.

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Director Statement

What we want to say and what we actually say are mostly different from each other. Sometimes we do not always express our thoughts in order not to break the heart of the person in front of us, and sometimes not to lose the person in front of us. What comes out of our mouth and/or our actions contain a contrast with our real thoughts. Especially in order not to lose our friend, wife, lover in front of us. In fact, this issue of not losing is a sign of a dependent relationship. If one of the couples has become dependent on the other, he cannot express his feelings and thoughts openly in order not to lose his partner. He always goes to his partner's water so that he doesn't lose his partner. Fear of being alone, inability to be an individual, dependent personality states cause our thoughts and actions to be one hundred and eighty degrees different. After discovering this feature in myself, I decided to write a script about this topic.
While writing the Thoughts and Actions script, my point of departure was these issues and my own dependent relationship. Both people in the scenario are dependent on each other, unable to be individuals and afraid of loneliness. People who speak very differently from what they think in order not to lose each other, and not to be alone, rather than expressing their own thoughts, in order not to lose the other person.
A second point is that in our quarrels in any kind of two relationships, in our arguments, the other person is always unfair. A person is always right according to himself, he tried to find a way to the middle and took it from the bottom, but the opposite thing applies to the other person. This is also true for Selim and Eda in the film Thoughts and Actions. Eda, I drew him as a character who takes the bottom in his own thought, tries to find a way to the middle, Selim starts a fight while choosing to think logically, makes sacrifices. In Selim's opinion, it is Selim who finds the middle way, puts forward logical thinking, while it is Eda who makes a fight and puts the sacrifice he has made on his head. Because a person is never unfair, the other person is always a bad character, picks a fight, does not listen.
The third issue is on the reasons why young people go abroad. While Eda wants to go abroad, Selim does not want to. I wanted to tell Eda about why young women want to go abroad. According to the research I have obtained and conducted from my own environment, I have learned that women want to live abroad because of the inability to walk outside at night as they want, the inability to dress as they want, the increase in cases of harassment and rape. Besides these, I can say that economic expensiveness and business anxiety are in the first place. I told the people who do not want to go through Selim, the people who are working for a job, to leave their families
I have seen that people who do not want and think that they owe money to their country do not like living abroad.
Thoughts and Actions present a portrait of people who have not become individuals, who live in dependent relationships and are afraid of loneliness, people who always consider themselves right and the other unfair in their discussions, and Turkish young people who do not go abroad and want to stay. The script psychologically covers relationships while addressing social problems and tells us about us. Boldly leaning into current issues, in fact. The fact that it tells us about the relationships we have as a subtext of the Thoughts and Actions scenario is the main reason why I wanted to see it as a movie on the big screen.