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Thieve's World: Sanctuary

The Emperor of the Rankan Empire sends his stepbrother Prince Kadakithis to restore order to Sanctuary, accompanied by five elite guards dubbed Hell-Hounds.

Jarveena, a Yenized scribe, makes a deal with the wizard Enas Yorl to foil the assassination of Prince Kadakithis and take revenge on a past enemy.

Illyra, the half S'danzo seer, attempts to save a virgin bride from being sacrificed to consecrate a new temple for the gods.

Minstrel Cappen Varra journeys to a magical plane to rescue his kidnapped lover, aided by adventurer Jamie the Red.

Young thief Shadowspawn (Hanse) becomes involved in a plot to steal the Rod of Authority from Prince Kadakithis.

Crime lord Jubal is lured into a trap as revenge for a death caused by his criminal network, but his life is saved by the Hell-Hound Zalbar.

Bartender and underground criminal One-Thumb meets his fate when betrayed by a wizard in a business deal.

Aphrodisia House owner Myrtis prevents the shutdown of her brothel by casting a love spell on Zalbar and revealing one of Sanctuary's deepest secrets.

Lythande must protect a perilous secret from being discovered by a rival wizard of the same order.

A discovery is made in Enlibar that may change the balance of power in the Empire.

  • John Robert Cichy
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Writer Biography - John Robert Cichy

I am a published neuroscientist whose specialty is the reward circuitry and addiction. In my spare time I enjoy kickboxing and snow skiing. I am single and have two dogs named Groot and Clover.

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Logline: A naive prince is ordered to the border town, Sanctuary, to rule the deadliest city in the Empire.

Thieve's World is an award-winning, "shared world" anthology, that is edgy and dark. It can easily be ported over to episodic format after a box office run. I hope you enjoy the adaptation on spec!