The shocking position was destroyed, and the winning team showed dignity despite its limitations

Korean Air, the winner of the 2022-2023 season, entered the cup competition with 10 players, and the unconventional "location destruction" stood out.

Korean Air won 3-0 (25-21, 25-21, 25-19) in the men's Group A match against Woori Card at the 2023 Gumi-Dodram Cup Professional Volleyball Tournament held at 1:30 p.m. on the 6th at Park Chung-hee Gymnasium in Gumi, Gyeongsangbuk-do

The men's national team will be excluded from the tournament, and the Chengdu Summer Universiade and U-19 teams, which are currently participating in the tournament, along with the A team at the Asian Championships, were selected by age group.

In particular, Korean Air was hit hard, and only seven Korean Air players, including Kim Kyu-min, Jung Ji-seok, Lim Dong-hyuk, and Kim Min-jae, were called up to the A team, Jeong Han-yong and Song Min-geun are playing at the 31st Universiade in Chengdu, China, and libero Kang Seung-il is called up to the U-19 team

Because of this, there are only 10 players that can be used in this Cobo Cup. Since there are only two strikers, it was inevitable to change positions.

Middle blocker Jin Ji-wi was placed in an apositive position and started as a starter. Setter Jeong Jin-hyeok also played as a striker. In particular, he succeeded in a quick open in the first set and tied the game at 15-15. Colleagues were delighted with the meaningful goal. On this day, Jeong Jin-hyeok's attack goal was the first goal in his professional debut official game.

After the match, head coach Tommy Tilikhainen did not hide his satisfaction. He said with a big smile, "I told you to maximize it with the resources you have, but the players did really well. I especially value fighting. The players will have a really hard time. It was really nice to see them stick together and help each other."

The sight of two or three middle blockers jumping together on the day was also a highlight. Head coach Tommy said, "I made it with the players. We shared the lineup and talked. We need the ability of the setters. The key was how creative they could be. Just looking at today's game, there must have been many moments that surprised the opposing team." "When I came to this tournament, I played with the mindset of accepting this challenge positively. It was a really fun game," he said with a broad smile.

The players also revealed their thoughts on destroying the position.

Lee Joon, who scored 18 points, the highest in the team, accepted it positively, saying, "I think it's more fun to play volleyball while moving a lot regardless of position, rather than doing the same thing."

Kwak Seung-seok also commented, "The coach plays a lot of strange (?) volleyball (laughs). I prepared a lot for this and that. There were not many players, so the middle blocker took the apogee. It was a play that was not easily seen in men's volleyball." told

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