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The rhyme of humanity

In the rhythm of the poem, the similitude of awakening the human power of the people of the society has been highlighted.

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Writer Biography - Md Ariful Islam

Md Ariful Islam is a renowned artist known for his exceptional talent in both music and writing. Born on 3 May 1999 in Bangladesh at Gaibandha, Md Ariful Islam has captivated audiences worldwide with his unique blend of creative expression.

Early Life and Education:
Md Ariful Islam grew up in Mahimagonj, where his passion for music and literature began to blossom at an early age. his exposed to various genres of music, thanks to his musically-inclined family, which fostered his love for melodies and lyrics. Additionally, Md Ariful Islam developed a keen interest in literature, often immersing themselves in books and exploring different writing styles.

Driven by his artistic ambitions, Md Ariful Islam pursued formal training in music and writing. his attended Balua High School, he honed his musical skills and delved deeper into the world of literature. This educational foundation provided him with a solid platform to develop his craft and refine his artistic voice.


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