Private Project

The pearl (Chippy)

He had come to that city with the desire to experience a woman at least once.
Destiny was to end up with a transgender woman sex worker.
Both of them had many limitations that society is reluctant to accept. 
Two lives destined to leave dreams as mere dreams.  
That hours of darkness they shared acceptance, care and love that they have never experienced before.
For him that night was accomplishment of his old rusted dream. 
His desire was to be confined to that one night.
For the other that night was of self discovery. She unearthed how fervent the wifehood and motherhood within her are.
She realizes her fluidic  gender is a solid stone. She identifies womanhood.

  • Vijayshankar Lohithadas
  • Vijayshankar Lohithadas
  • Karun Das
  • Mubash
    Key Cast
    "the short man"
  • Jyothish
    Key Cast
  • Harikrishnan Lohithadas
    Aram (Rasp)
  • Finn George Varghese
    Aram (Rasp)
  • Bijibal
  • Dhanush Nayanar
    Sound desig
    Aram (Rasp)
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  • Runtime:
    14 minutes 50 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    April 1, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    6,000 USD
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director - Vijayshankar Lohithadas
Director Statement

I got the idea of this film from some faces is see in my regular nightdrive back home.
The very same city I see in broad day light was so much different in the hours of darkness. On the way beside the road I see many beautiful well dressed beauties regularly,  but they were not real women , they were dressed as a woman. cars stopping nearby, talking and bargaining  was a common sighting.
It looked like all gentlemen have removed their mask of modesty under the dark sky and went hunting.  My initial thought was what these men expected from someone dressedup as a woman. How they would be treated once picked up, what if they get physically abused or beaten up, or even killed by these men? No one is bothered about them, they are like sheep without a shepherd!! Anything can happen!
What if they are picked by someone unusual with an unusual desire. This thought led to the film.
I wanted something in common for both the characters.  and the similitude was , they both were reluctant by society to accept. That would give a better chance for mutual understanding.
Finding the actor was the most challenging part. We have 2 or 3 dwarf actors in the industry,  but none of theirs face and age suited the role, after months of search we found our actor, but he never had an acting experience before. Still under weeks of guidance and rehearsals he gave his best performance. Being overweight he was not able to stand for more than few seconds between the action and cut. Walking scenes retakes left him in tears.
By the time the patch shoot was scheduled corona lockadown was imposed and we had to wait for few months to complete the patch.

I believe people similar to characters in film in deserves much more acceptance,  they too have a life, they too have dreams and desires.
Even Without much dialogs I belive the film has not failed communicating its emotions.
And I hope this small film will bring me few steps closer to my dreams.
The name 'chippy' in my native language means mussel pearl, but it is very uncommon to use that word. Instead we saya 'kakka' ( meaning the same). The word 'chippy' is only used if the mussel has got pearl in it. Its much more of kind of poetic word. And reason I chose the name 'chippy as the original title is, the two who met that night were 'chippy'. With pearl inside them, 2 humans with a precious heart inside them.