The last Hunter of Mysteries: The alien

Gianluca, a recognized paranormal expert, decides, together with Andrea, to overcome his comfort zone and investigate things unknown to him.

For the first time the history of the alien in Alvignanello.
The first official document, the first reportage. Facts, images and videos of an adventure that seems to mark only the beginning of a story. Everything starts with Gianluca Atzori, a recognized expert on paranormal phenomena, who one day had a strange meeting that marked him deeply, enough to confide the event to his friend Andrea Gioia Lomoro, author and director.
Later, and with his friend, he decides to put aside what he believes to discover, in no time at all, an endless series of unsolved stories little known.

  • Andrea Gioia Lomoro
    Finalist RIFF
  • Andrea Gioia Lomoro
    winner Corona Script Challenge; Finalist RIFF
  • Gianluca Atzori
  • Andrea Gioia Lomoro
  • Gianluca Atzori
  • Daniele Piccirillo
    Key Cast
  • Flora Contrafatto
    Key Cast
  • Gianluca Atzori
    Key Cast
  • Vincenzo Tufano
    Key Cast
  • Monia Quaglieri
    Key Cast
  • Bruno Foria
    Key Cast
  • Agata Cusano
    Key Cast
  • Noemi Gherreo
    Key Cast
    "Actress - eyewitness"
  • Bruno Di Marcello
    Key Cast
    "1st cameraman and Head of external unit"
  • Andrea Boninsegni
    Key Cast
    "2nd cameraman external unit"
  • Andrea Scuderi
    Key Cast
    "sound engineer"
  • Project Title (Original Language):
  • Project Type:
  • Genres:
  • Runtime:
    33 minutes 20 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    March 16, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    5,000 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Distribution Information
  • Paraflixx
    Country: Worldwide
    Rights: Video on Demand
  • various television on DT
    Country: Italy
    Rights: Free TV
Director Biography - Andrea Gioia Lomoro
55 years old, born in Rome, Italy.
He works for 15 years in some of Finmeccanica’s Companies as a Commercial Manager and Marketing Manager. At the same time, he studied direction with Russian director Leonid Alekseychuk, former professor at the Film Institute of New York University, creative writing and all that revolves around the production of an artistic event.
Born as a theatre actor, he is the protagonist of important national commercials including Sanremo and Carramba che sorpresa and continues as a voice actor/singer for some international musical films for Buenavista International.
He sings important cartoon theme songs for national TV (Melevisione) and plays, singing, in various musicals.
Creative for the Milani Group Film Production company and also for Attawaia’s new viral company Business Video.
Later, he began writing his works as a screenwriter and was awarded two times at the RIFF Rome International Film Festival with the work 15:21 for the original screenplay and also for the pitch trailer with its direction.
Some literary works are published by Italian Publishing Houses in different anthologies (Volando and EcoGrafie), literary magazines (Progetto Babele) and reviewed on the main RAI networks, the Italian main public television.
He is an author of content for a mystery program, Rebel Yell for Radio Freccia, part of the largest Italian radio group RTL 102.5.
He has worked with many Italian artists of the television (Bonolis, Denny Mendèz, Paola Perego, etc), cinema/teatro (Filippo Timi, Giuseppe Manfridi, Anna Safroncik, etc) and sport (Alex Zanardi).
He is the producer, author and director of shows with some of the most important Italian singers (Arisa, Alex Britti, Riccardo Cocciante, etc) and international singers (Anggun, Bob Sinclair, Gipsy King, etc), some of them winners of the Italian Sanremo Festival.
He is the producer, author and director of musicals with an innovative language, both for the realization of the first virtual sets, as well as for the proposal of the first works in the world of musical genres: Hip Hop (Life Tracks and Hip Hopera), a cappella music (You can’t buy class) and salsa (Life).
Producer, author and director of events, also social, content for the broadcast Mediaset, Mistero, (main national commercial television), TV spots (Italian national team for a non-profit organization, etc) and international documentaries.
He is also a photographer and exposes, with raids by Sky and Rai, in various auction houses, Roman Basilicas, embassies and historic buildings. Some of his works are also present in private collections abroad and at the Vatican.
He is the author and director of Alexis Arts and Vittorio Marino, important Italian illusionists in the current world scene, and for Alexis Arts he has written the concept of an England TV format, sponsored by the University of Cambridge.
He collaborates with Fabula Pictures film production company as producer and works for the research of economic partners in foreign markets, especially in the Emirates.
He signs the direction and the texts for the commercials and for the host of the musical show in an Italian stadium dedicated to the European Latin Awards.
He has just written two theatrical shows (Life - What are you willing to lose and Disrupt - resilience) and he collaborates with some of the important television production for the creation of upcoming television formats.
He won, with the co-author Eleonora Baliani, the Corona Script Challenge of the Tixter Production and Read my Script with the short animation Script “LORO SANNO, NOI NO!” (They know, we don’t).
Co-founder of MisteryChannel, an archive of original formats related to the world of Mystery, with 4 documentaries broadcast on important Italian Tv Networks and on Paraflixx, an American VOD platform.
With Eleonora Baliani he created, “The Chronicles of the Great Kingdom”, a five-chapter film fantasy series, currently in search of production.
Also with the same co-author, he writes the subject and the script of "The Five Elements", currently in pre-production with the 77Films Production.
He is currently in:
work for his new first novel “Frontiere” with Rossini Editore, a brand of the big editorial group Santelli.
write of the subjects of a tv series and a film for two different Italian Productions.

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Director Statement

Working on a project with a definitive script reassures me. Knowing, instead, that I would be faced with many variables, made the job even more exciting. But the most amazing thing is that we knew that, out there, there was a being ready to challenge us. Were we ready? Like ants running into an elephant. Only unconsciousness and a great desire to discover more pieces of a truth that has been waiting for too long to be revealed.