The human condition

Beyond the divisions,
Far from these wild fears,
It is our wealth,
The soul of our species.
Despite the differences,
Of dogmas and beliefs
It's what makes us
Such specimens.

Is it an inner voice?
A brain or a heart?
The question or the mistake?
Is it the spirit or the atom?
The snake or the apple?
What makes us Humans?

Beyond the colors,
Hatred and pain,
It is the common point
Between all humans.
In this hostile environment,
In this fragile world,
The chances were very slim
For homo sapiens seed.

Is this the work of a supreme being?
From an obscure theorem? A bug in the ecosystem?
Is it in the water or in the air?
In stardust? Where is the key to the mystery?

It is the revealer.
Is it love? Wisdom or madness?
It is the detonator,
The break of day... It is a melody...

Is it faith, or ethics?
A metaphysical law? Just a genetic code?
Is it an eternal cycle?
A universal breath? A simple spark?

It is an inner voice,
A brain and a heart, the question and the mistake.
It is a sovereign quest,
An uncertain history:
It's the human condition.

  • Gilles Pradel
  • Gilles Pradel
  • Gilles Pradel
  • Gilles Pradel
    Key Cast
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    La condition humaine
  • Project Type:
    Music Video
  • Genres:
    pop music, french song
  • Runtime:
    3 minutes 24 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    December 6, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    500 EUR
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Director Biography - Gilles Pradel

Explore the unique musical universe of this French singer-songwriter who evolves at the crossroad between French songs, pop, rock and folk musics.

From French songs, AEGIDE (Gilles Pradel) keeps the words, their meaning, their games and their poetry.

From folk he draws simplicity, authenticity and the protest message of the songmakers.

For him, rock is a state of mind and a universal mode of expression where energy and sincerity are essential.

As for pop music, it brings effective melodies, choruses that ring out and stay engraved in the head.

In addition to these major influences, AEGIDE draws inspiration from styles that are less familiar to him but that he particularly appreciates: so-called classical music for more sophisticated harmonies and electro for synthetic timbres or even sound ambiances.


Parcourez l'univers singulier de cet auteur compositeur interprète
qui évolue au carrefour entre la chanson française et la musique pop rock folk.

De la chanson française, AEGIDE (Gilles Pradel) garde les mots, leur sens, leurs jeux et leur poésie.

Dans la folk il puise la simplicité, l'authenticité et le message contestataire des songmakers.

Le rock est pour lui un état d'esprit et un mode d'expression universel où l'énergie et la sincérité sont essentielles.

Quant à la musique pop, elle lui apporte des mélodies efficaces, des refrains qui sonnent et qui restent gravés dans la tête.

Outre ces influences majeures, AEGIDE s'inspire de styles qui lui sont moins familiers mais qu'il apprécie particulièrement: la musique dite classique pour les harmonies plus sophistiquées et l'électro pour les timbres synthétiques ou encore les ambiances sonores.

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