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The clinging en/chant/ment, Patrizia Laquidara in a Videoportrait by Armando Bertollo, 29'

“L’Aderente in/canto” is a walk in the world of the singer-songwriter Patrizia Laquidara, much appreciated from critics, originally from Sicily but adopted by the Veneto region. Michele Monina speaks of her in this way: “ artist who would deserve being declared Unesco Heritage, just like the Arena of Verona or the Dolomites. Her ongoing musical, lexical, and scenic research is something to lets you astonished.“ Patrizia Laquidara is not so famous for the wide public, because she is seldom a guest of TV stages, but when this happened she did not go unnoticed: for example, search YouTube and find her exhibition in Destinazione Sanremo of 2003, where she interprets “Cu cu rru cu cù paloma” by Tòmas Mèndez and judge from yourself. In her only participation at the Festival of Sanremo she won the Mia Martini Prize, awarded from the critics, and the Alex Baroni Prize for the best interpretation. In 2011, she won the Targa Tenco with “Il Canto dell’Anguana” (Best album in dialect) and she was twice the finalist, with “Funambola” in 2007 and with “C’è qui qualcosa che ti riguarda” in 2019.
The live performances gathered in this video are exclusive documents that confirm we are facing an excellence of the Italian musical panorama. The movie allows us to discover the person behind and out of the scene, out of the performance and the profession; it takes us in the setting and in the landscape of her everyday life, while she takes care of her creativity and her relationships and meets herself, her own identity. But it is not strictly a documentary. Patrizia Laquidara remains mysterious and ever elusive. The feel is to be watching a dream. And after the vision one could ask who was dreaming: Patrizia Laquidara? Which Patrizia Laquidara: one, another, the other, or the other part of the other? Or the Director? And you can ask what the repeated apparitions of Cabiria, the famous feminine character created by the imagination of Federico Fellini: is it only a heartfelt tribute to the great Maestro, or also the intuition of a closeness, of a relationship, the acknowledgement of a guide spirit which attests the salvific power of music, of art, of poetry?

  • Armando Bertollo
  • Armando Bertollo
  • Armando Bertollo (apuntozeta-danomar edizioni)
  • Patrizia Laquidara
    Key Cast
  • Daniele Santimone
    Key Cast
  • Peo Alfonsi
    Key Cast
  • Thomas Sinigaglia
    Key Cast
  • Ilaria Fantin
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  • Davide Repele
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  • Stefano Dallaporta
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  • Andrea Santini
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  • Nelide Bandello
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  • Project Title (Original Language):
    L'ADERENTE IN/CANTO, PATRIZIA LAQUIDARA in un videoritratto di Armando Bertollo, 29'
  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Experimental, Music Video, Short
  • Runtime:
    29 minutes 4 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    July 29, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    7,000 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
    Digital, file MOV, 1280 x 720
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
    Black & White and Color
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Armando Bertollo

Armando Bertollo is a verbal-visual poet, video author, artist. After the high school he took a diploma at the Higher Institute of Physical Education in Padua with an experimental-cinematographic “Vivettorialetennis”, helped by Renata Berti. Since 1991 he has been exploring the different shapes of language with a particular attention to their relationships, interactions, interferences. He published three books of verbal-visual writing for the editions cared by Flavio Ermini: “Ribeltà. Esperienza del Linguaggio” (2004); “Il Teatrino della scrittura. Attraverso i sintomi” (2009); “Lo spettacolo inaugurale. Coordinate di galleggiamento” (2014). Between 1999 and 2010 he took part in exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Graphic Arts Casabianca in Malo, among which “Retrovie-Avanguardia 1918-2000 dalle trincee all’Europa” (catalogue at the Grenzganger Editions, 2000); among 2013 and 2018 in activities of the Archaeological Museum La Carale Accattino di Ivrea, we remind the symposium and the exhibition “Pensare oltre l’ostacolo della parola” (published by Mimesis Editions, 2014). Together with Paolo Donini, he cared the exhibition “Il Segno e il Paesaggio/Utopia della scrittura” (catalogue from the editor Luna Nordestina, 2016). His verbal-visual research is presented, since 2013, by the Professor Alessandro Ghignoli to the students of Malaga University in Spain. Since 2005 he has been managing, together with the artist Sergio Zanone, the site of information and cultural promotion Linguaggi dall’Alto Vicentino and since 2012 he has been designing the event “Nel bosco con l’Autore” in co-operation with the Management of the public library of Piovene Rocchette.


Cortometraggi formato Hi8XR masterizzati in VHS:

Vivettorialetennis 27’ Tesi di Diploma ISEF, Padova, 1999
Immagini dal fronte 14’ Museo Casabianca, Malo (VI), 1999
De Post Fazione Stanze e distanze del 23 ottobre 23’ Museo Casabianca, Malo (VI), 2000
Sirene del silenzio 20’ Museo Casabianca, Malo (VI), 2000
Mater significante La poetica di Angelo Urbani 10’ Museo Casabianca, Malo (VI), 2001
Gestalt-zione Omaggio a Luigi Meneghello 10’ Museo Casabianca, Malo (VI), 2002
Domeniche Flash 2001 12’ Museo Casabianca, Malo (VI), 2002
Tracce di Benzi-n-a 23’ Villa Benzi Zecchini, Caerano San Marco (TV), 2002
Domeniche Flash 2001-2002 20’ Museo Casabianca, Malo (VI), 2003
Ero-s nel bosco 7’, “Cortì-Cortò”, Dueville (VI), 2003
Lux Luci Lucio Sulle orme dell’artista Lucio Scortegagna 13’, Villa Fabris, Thiene (VI), 2003
Maimancanteneve Videoritratto dell’artista Giuliano Dal Molin 9’, 503 Mulino, Vicenza, 2004
Materia prima legno Sull’opera di Erminio Scortegagna 9’, Monte Magrè (VI), 2004
Apparati op... 10’, prod. Museo Casabianca presentato al Liceo Artistico di Schio (VI), 2005

Cortometraggi e mediometraggi Hi8XR masterizzati su DVD:

Visioni della voce Poesia/Poesie 2006 43’, Palazzo Fogazzaro, Schio, 2007;
Tre parti 11’, Museo Casabianca, Malo (VI), 2008;
Land under the sea (con opera sonora di Sergio Zanone) 7’c, Biblioteca Civica di Verona, 2008;
Aldemar Nave di Grano 43’c, Fabbrica Saccardo, Schio (VI), 2010;
Attrav-e-r-s-interra Sull’opera di Alessio Tasca 9’, inedito, 2012;
Ta Yu! Anguana Patrizia Laquidara in un video di... 39’, inedito, 2012
La gioia semplice Giorgio Venzi (Sacrestan) 32’, inedito, 2017

Cortometraggi in FULL HD:

L’ Aderente in/canto Patrizia Laquidara in un video di... 38’, 2019
L’ Aderente in/canto Patrizia Laquidara in un video di... 29’, 2020-2021

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