The beauty of being

This project is inspired by the character of Jane Hudson the main antagonist of the novel by Henry Farrel: "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" and for the masterful interpretation of Bette Davis. There is a beauty among the dark furrows of Jane's wrinkles, and it is that of the soul, which is not scratched by the passing of time. It is the beauty of the experience that is constantly evolving, marks and strengthens the body like a tree bark, free from superfluous thoughts by dissolving all knots, gives awareness of the true sense of being and removes the ephemeral sense of appearing . True beauty does not need tricks, it is a gaze without judgment, a mirror that reflects our truth and makes us unique.

  • Datlas Erre
  • Jane Vanda
  • Genres:
    B&W, portrait
  • Country of Origin:
  • Camera:
    Canon EOS 500D
  • Student Project:
Artist Biography

Pasquale Ruotolo in art Datlas Erre was born in Naples in 1974 and showed interest in contemporary art from a very young age. In 1995 he graduated in Dramatic Art at the V. Bellini Academy in Naples. From 1998 to 2014 he worked as an actor, stage director and assistant director in various theater companies in the city of Naples. dedicates to photographic art and in 2015 begins to publish numerous shots for many prestigious magazines such as Vogue Italia, Vertiqlè Magazine, Mob jurnal,. In 2017 curator of various graphic sections for emerging artists of the Italian music scene for the Suono Libero Music record label For his shots and photographic projects he obtained the portfolio on Vogue Italia and Lensculture. Between 2019 and 2020 he obtained an online master in photography directed by Maestro Steve McCurry and participated in the training course in social photography at the CSV in Naples. From 2019 to 2021 he exhibits, in 3 group exhibitions, "Amore Velato", "Napoli Esoterica", "Ventuno" at Area35mm in Naples project "Kaos48" and obtains his first virtual personal exhibition entitled "Io Gioco" promoted by "Kaos48". Also in 2021 he participates in the 6th international annual photography award reaching the Top 100 Italy photographers and Top 35 Photo project series.

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