If you’re a young Arkansas filmmaker in high school, Thea’s got good news for you: we’ve got three scholarships for artists like you!

Registration is a two step process. Please visit www.theafoundation.org/film to register with the Thea Foundation. Then when your entry is complete you should upload your film onto your account of FilmFreeway. Deadlines are posted on the Thea website.

Three scholarships will be awarded: First Place - $10,000, Second Place - $9,000 and Third Place - $8,000

You must be an Arkansas high school senior or homeschooled senior graduating next Spring you are eligible to compete.

Thea scholarships are awarded solely on talent, never test scores, GPAs or intent to major in the arts. Your scholarship will travel with you to any college you attend, but if you choose to attend one of the 24 Thea Education Partners your scholarship could potentially be matched with additional scholarship money. (see Thea's Education Partner List on Thea's website: www.theafoundation.org/scholarships

The Thea scholarship is open to students who attend public, private, charter or home schools, as well as those who have completed their GED.

Students must be a graduating senior of 2021 to be eligible for the Thea Scholarship.

Films and scripts can be any length.

You are also required to include a short essay (500 word minimum) explaining your process creating this piece. Each student must describe how the theme is reflected in their film.

To be considered for the film scholarship competition, students are required to register through Thea’s website: theafoundation.org/film

It is important that students consider this year's theme when creating their work. Judges will consider the theme. This year's theme is "Reflections / Refraction" and is open to interpretation by the artist.

Key Deadlines for Students:

Students are required to register through the Thea website by 12:00 p.m. Noon on Friday, February 4, 2022. https://www.theafoundation.org/film

In addition, students are required to create their FilmFreeway profile and upload their video file and submit the accompanying essay by 12:00 p.m. Noon on Friday, February 4, 2022.

Note: Within this FilmFreeway submission form for uploading the video file and accompanying essay, there’s a variety of default questions that students won’t need to answer; we ask that students complete the questions to the best of their ability.

If a student is in need of assistance submitting a film and the accompanying essay for consideration, please contact Paul Leopoulos at scholarships@theafoundation.org or (501) 379-9512 for instructions.