Watching the invisible... discovering the unexplored... trying to glance into the future... Everything is possible in the inquisitive and imaginative minds of cinematographers!

The mission of the Festival is to connect modern audiences with contemporary SCIENCE through film. Documentary cinema provides the best vehicle for sparking interest in SCIENCE, technology and culture all over the world.

Besides traditional film screening, the Festival provides the venue for round-table discussions, master classes, etc.

The International science Film Festival World of Knowledge was organized by Lennauchfilm studio and the Center of National Film studio in February 2006.
The festival improves every year and is growing in an organic way. The festival program includes the regular International Competition and the Special program.

The main prize of the Festival is the figurine The Tree of Knowledge, which is a symbol of a person who thirsts for knowledge and novelty. The sprawling branches of the tree are inevitably burdened by fruits, symbols of reason. The apple falling from the tree is a sign of revelation to a person seeking knowledge.

The international jury will award the following prizes in 5 nominations:

Grand Prix — figurine The Tree of Knowledge; Best Director Award — figurine The Tree of Knowledge; Best Camerawork Award — figurine The Tree of Knowledge; Best Scenario Award — figurine The Tree of Knowledge; Best Debute Award — figurine The Tree of Knowledge;
The Organizing Committee and the public organizations will also give awards to competition films.

The films awarded by the jury will be included in the collection of the International Film Festival The World of Knowledge.

Non-fiction films and TV programs, documentaries and animated films dealing with SCIENTIFIC topic, approach or knowledge, presenting scientists etc., and produced within the last two years (2016-2017) are welcome for submission.

The Festival Screening Committee reserves the right to determine the suitability of any project.

More specific rules and guidelines can be found on our website

Technical requirements:
Video format: DCP, HD, Blu-ray.
Screening format: 16:9, 4:3, 3D.
Sound: stereo, mono, dolby.
Language: original.
If the original language of the film is not Russian the representative has to provide subtitles in English or Russian. If there are no subtitles in English or Russian the representative has to provide a subtitle cue sheet in English or Russian (text files of *.txt, *.doc, *.docx or *.odt formats).

Subtitling will be completed by the festival organizers.