The World Beyond

The World Beyond is a photographic project set in an apocalyptic scenario, a dystopian future in which our planet, now tired, old and victim of epidemics, natural disasters, pollution has now ceased to be what we knew. The air is now unbreathable and it is quite difficult to survive. This photographic story is set in this scenario, which sees two people as protagonists, a couple of young guy and girl, who try to survive in this hostile world full of pitfalls but poor in resources. The images want to represent a sort of story by expressing different emotional states that young people experience during their daily life. In this case exploring a new, abandoned and declining place to rest and refresh for some time in search of better accommodation along their path. The cut is purely cinematic especially for the particularity of the shots, plays of light and shadows, symmetries and depth.

  • Giandomenico Veneziani
  • Date Taken:
    April 21, 2021
  • Camera:
    NIKON D850
  • Lens:
    35mm 1.4 SIGMA ART
  • Focal Length:
  • Aperture:
  • ISO / Film:
  • Student Project:
  • Exhibition
    September 23, 2021
  • IPA Photography Awards
    New York
    October 11, 2021
    Honorable Mention 2021
  • Lens Culture
    New York
    October 16, 2021
    Black and White Editor's pick
Artist Biography

Hi, my name is Giandomenico Veneziani. I’m an Italian Photographer. I approached photography since I was young but for the last two years I'm professional photographer. I learned over time the techniques and the infinite possibilities of artistic creation. The photographic experimentation finds wide expression during my travels. I was inspired by people, their stories, faces, emotions. The photography for me is an important mean to share feelings and stories of people I photograph. It's the same now as in the past. I get inspiration especially from painting, books and movies. I have also studied the most important photographers who made the history of the photographic field. I really like portraits and fashion photography. I try to make unique and unconventional shots giving to my portraits a fashion view. About fashion, I'm inspired by cinematic photography and I try to make fashion shots through a cinematic vision and style. I love storytelling especially for fashion photography.

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