The Wingman

In the pursuit of love and well balanced happiness Daron Tendal goes through the trails of being a best friend and example to all. His childhood buddy Wesley pursues everything female, that is any fine woman with two legs and a pulse. In the course of Wesleys player like ways he comes to need the assistance of his go to guy in order to for lack of nicer words entertain the friends of his female companions. Daron learns quickly the do's and don'ts of dealing with woman who only want one thing, that being help in there career advancement once they come to find out what he does for a living. As we take a look into the life of The Wingman we learn the troubles and joys that come with such a position.

  • Terhan Coriolan
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Writer Biography - Terhan Coriolan

Born and Raised In New York City this talented writer brings to life the ups and downs of love and the pursuit of it.

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I tell the story of many who walk the journey I have in everyday life.