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The Wind on Mount Everest

This film tells the inspiring story of a woman who not only conquers Mount Everest but also overcomes the challenges of life. When she returns to her mountainous hometown after conquring Mt. Everest, she is confronted with hard labor, her mother's harsh criticism, and her father's avoidance. How will she navigate these obstacles and find inner peace? This female growth story is a powerful exploration of mountaineering, dreams, and family.

  • Qing Su
    White Tower, Sign Language Time, My Dear Beloved
  • Ping Yu
  • Zilu Zheng
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  • Runtime:
    1 hour 46 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    May 1, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    300,000 USD
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  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Qing Su

Su Qing
Born in 1969 ,Neimeng , currently residing in Beijing.
1990 Graduated in the major of railway design
1992 Vocalist guitarist of building up The rock band ‘Box and the window’
1995-1998 practitioners advertising, advertising creative and Planner Division Director for advertising company;
1998-2002 Chongqing Television, China Central Television Program director. People documentary "Songs of life" nomination "China TV
Star Award";
2002 record-length film"White Tower", the first film reflects the Chinese for China deaf people life’s independent work of art;
2003-2004 independent documentary film‘Old Tang’, in the same year, independent documentary film <White tower>(83min) awarded the 15th Marseille International Documentary Film Festival "Best Debut Award", "Special Jury Nomination Award";
2005 invited to Exhibitors of Documentary Film Festival of Marseille France; Canada "Toronto International Film Festival" ;South Korea
"Busan International Film Festival";
2006 Television's director to produce a documentary series of "Chinese Stories"
2007 completion of an independent documentary film "When spring comes" (21min), participate in the exchange of the Fourth China documentary weeks, invited to participate in the 13th Shanghai TV Festival; Danish Film Festival.
2008 till to present "deaf world" production
2009 Established Su Qing-Mi Na Workshop in Song Town
2010,The documentary “Sign Language Time” was nominated “The best documentary of Asia”in the 16th Shanghai TV Festival(MIDA) and it also won the “Camellia Award for Documentary TV” in the South-east Asia TV Festival.

Su Qing’s works over years:
2007 Director, camera and editing for China and Russia Year Ministry of Culture went to the Russian Performance Documentary (60
Director for the Taikang Life subsidizes the poor deaf students promotional short film "My Dream" (8 minutes).
Director and editing for the National Grand Theater opened "World Opera Exhibition" video (total length 120 minutes).
Director for State Development and Investment Corporation APIs "national investment" (12 minutes).
Director, camera and editing of the independent documentary "When spring comes " (20 minutes).<Salted fish
2006 Director and camera of New generation artists arts promotional short film "Nine" (20 minutes).
Director for the Guardian Online image advertising " clap hands chapter" (20 seconds).
A documentary Director for the Culture Ministry "Cross-Strait Arts Festival"(60 minutes)
Director for the Series of documentary "Story of the Chinese people," the "collectors" (30 minutes)
2005 “Chinese antiquities” Series of feature films
Director for “Quiet furthering civilization”(60minutes),” Totem of fire and earth”(60minutes).
Director for the Empty political song and dance ensemble singer Liu YiZhen MV "Thank you teacher".
2004 for the Mu Ze computer company API "and the source of Mu-Ze" (13 minutes).
Director for the Mu Ze computer company image MV "because you are because I am" (5 minutes).
Director for "Chinese Treasures" series of feature films on the "face person" (60 minutes)
Director, camera and editing for the Independent documentary "White Tower" (83 minutes), "Old Tang" (2002-2008)

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Director Statement

I met the heroine Huang Chunyan in 2017, when she was 35 years old and in high spirits, preparing to climb Mount Everest, the roof of the world, with the aura of "the first woman in Guizhou to climb mountains". I had the honor to attend her banquet before the climb and witnessed her miracle through her circle of friends and media reports afterwards.
After her descent, we maintained our friendship in the circle of friends until the second half of 2020, when she published a book called "My Everest", in which she recorded in the form of a diary her experiences during the climbing of Everest, and I was very moved after reading it. It so happened that Huang Chunyan was coming to Shenzhen for a book signing, so I seized the opportunity to help. So in those days, our relationship warmed up rapidly, and I got to know another side of her after her summit and praise after many knee-to-knee talks with her. In particular, I learned that after the outbreak of the new epidemic, she closed her outdoor company in Beijing for financial and family reasons and returned to her home in a remote mountain village in Guizhou to live in seclusion.
It was her "bold" decision, and what she had given, gained and created for it, that gave me the idea to make a documentary about her. I saw that in her life in the countryside, she was not only healing the wounds of her past, but also contemplating the meaning of life in the present, and building up new strength for the challenges ahead. As Huang Chunyan herself said, she always believed she could climb Mount Everest, but before that she did not really understand why she wanted to climb Everest. And this seemingly uneventful period may seem like a retreat, but it is actually a growth - she learned how to better reconcile with herself and connect with the world.
From another perspective, Huang Chunyan's farming in the fields is also climbing another "Everest". Like mountain climbing, she is fighting pressure and thirsting for conquest, but she is also seeking freedom and peace, and at the same time is deeply blessed by the great love of nature. I believe that such stories and experiences are unique and capable of evoking empathy. It is the pinnacle of our personal career in reality, and also the practice of transcending ourselves in the spiritual world. I hope this film can convey Huang Chunyan's power and thinking to everyone.