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The Whole Zen Thing

Aided by a mysterious young monk, an entrepreneur facing roadblocks to his financial survival finds the way by re-living three of his past lives ... meet Rich Novak, a respected businessperson, who’s on the brink of inking the biggest deal of his life. It’s a merger. But to make it happen, he has to overcome weighty obstacles that may undermine the deal and lead to his financial ruin! Rich is stressed. The timer is ticking on making make-or-break decisions. Realizing he needs to get away to focus, Rich heads to a Buddhist monastery for some momentary peace. There he meets the enigmatic young monk Upaya, who guides him into his previous lives. Through a series of “historical fiction” past-life vignettes, Rich and his perpetual business partner effectively invent the life-preserver, the multi-spindle spinning frame, and venture capital lending … not to mention the philosophical blueprint for the famed San Pedro Community Gardens of California! In the end, Rich applies lessons from the “past” to succeed in the present.

  • Mark N. Clemente
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Writer Biography - Mark N. Clemente

Mark N. Clemente has spent his entire career as a writer in business communication. He’s the author of two books on management and an award-winning copywriter who’s written countless video scripts, brochures, websites, advertising and PR materials, and training and development content. In terms of subject-matter expertise for his screenplay, 'The Whole Zen Thing,' Mark has also been training in Zen and the Asian martial arts for over 25 years.

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