Established in 2010, The West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival celebrates exceptional, compelling, original and innovative works in film, video, and animation. We invite works that are truly authentic and unique, that try to push beyond convention in all genres of the moving image. The primary mission of the festival is to mission is to foster creative and artistic approaches to the cinematic arts, and to expose West Virginia University students and the surrounding Morgantown community to the world of independent filmmaking, video and animation. The festival also strives to focus attention on topical issues in contemporary culture and to draw attention to the rich and unique heritage of West Virginia and the surrounding Appalachian region. The WVMSFF is a creation of the Electronic Media program of the WVU School of Art and Design.

For 2019, the The West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival returns for a two-day event on April 26 & 27. We invite short works (20 minutes and under) in narrative (film & video), experimental art, documentary and animation. We also seek bold and novel works by students at both the college level.

In addition to these general categories, we also invite works to a special category that explore the theme of “meme culture” however broadly interpreted. The manner in which we interact through the internet has had profound social impact, extending far beyond the boundaries of our computers and smart phones and bleeding into everyday interactions and face-to-face encounters. The proliferation of meme culture - accelerated by technology - has had particular social influence. Largely through mimesis, gesture and mutation, memes spread ideas, behaviors and attitudes like viruses while shaping the social interactions of those who carry them. While many recognize the effects of memes in the entertainment realm, their impact is no doubt felt much wider, politically, socially and economically. We invite works that take as their subject the notion of “meme culture” however widely interpreted or that reflect on the impact of memes on the way we increasingly think, act and interact with one another.

Modest awards have been established by the festival organizers to recognize work of exceptional accomplishment. They include a $300.00 Best of Festival award, and a $100 award in each of the festival categories: Best Documentary Short, Best Narrative Short, Best Animation, Best Experimental, Best Student Film, Best Young Filmmaker and Best "Memes Culture" Theme.

• Narrative Short
• Experimental
• Animation
• Documentary Short
• Thematic entry: "Meme Culture"
• Student (College)
• Young filmmakers (under 18)

• Maximum running time of 20 minutes
• Works must have been completed after 1/1/2017
• Please include English subtitles with all non-English narrative entries.
• Maximum of 3 entries per person.

• General: $8 per entry
• College Student: $5 per entry
• Young filmmakers (Under 18): Free

Overall Rating
  • Hong Ejun

    I am so honored for both of my films, MOTHER and A BROKEN STAR, to be included to this wonderful festival ! Communication was amazing and I really loved how they posted all list of the filmmakers and pictures from their films on the festival websites and social media! Even though I wasn't able to attend the festival, it was a great opportunity for me. Thank you again for selecting both of my films, and I wish you all the best of luck!

    July 2019
  • W. Trent Welstead

    Wonderful communication. I was not able to attend the event, but the organizers generously mailed me a handful of items completely by surprise, which allows me to better appreciate the experience of participating in this festival. Thanks for the package, and of course for screening my film!

    May 2019
  • Carla Knopp

    Very happy to be included in this thoughtfully arranged program.

    May 2019
  • Mirjam Dahl Pedersen

    Thanks to the organizers from the WVMSFF!!! The communication was good, i loved the posts you did in social media in preperation, and also very nice to list all the filmmakers with screenshots of their films on your websites. The online thing, i missed was some pictures from the event itself, since i couldn´t be there. Would be nice to see the atmosphere and the people who organized the whole thing.
    By the way, its seldom, that a festival opens up to the public without taking an entry. I really like the concept!

    May 2019
  • Steven Adam Renkovish

    So honored to be a part of this festival!

    May 2019