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The Wedding BreakUp

Grace Heather isn't allowed to participate in her best friend's wedding all in the manner of a month! Her goal is to steal the groom, an old flame from high school. She believes that old love wins against new love and loses herself on a mission...not caring about the costs.

  • Lakesha Davon Ely
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    Romance, drama
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Lakesha Davon Ely

I grew up on the west side of Chicago, off of Central and Division, with my 12 siblings and parents. The environment was bad but my family and I found ways to entertain ourselves; from filming home movies, starting a band, hosting family award shows and brainstorming ideas for movies and tv shows. I owe my drive for creativity to them. I started writing at 8 years old, badly at that, but I've improved my hobby. I began composing piano instrumentals around the same age. My video editing hobby started about 2 years ago, I began diving into that by producing book trailers for writers online and even for myself. I've always wanted to direct or see my works come to life, making edits is the closest I can get to that right now.
My family and I moved from Chicago before it became the murder capital, Chiraq. The process took years and loads of rejections, due to low credit scores, debt, and possibly due to race. We finally got a house away from the city. I found that a change of scenery affects the mind so much. My writings sored and my talents rose, my best works happened within these past 4 years of living in Rockford Illinois. I thought I would never write again after my mom, Brenda Joyce Beck, passed away from a rare cancer, but it seemed that tragedy brought out my best works, sadly. My family and I took a huge hit, especially my dad, he's still really broken, we're all still trying to cope in our own way with the lost of a woman who held us together like glue. The mother duck leading the charge. She was the definition of mother and raised us to be very mature, responsible, old fashioned, and also to be dreamers as well. We celebrate her every year or so, on her birthday, we call it Joyce Day. Last year we released lanterns into the sky for her.
Currently, I am a struggling writer paying for social media promotions and entering contests for about the 20th time with no luck of being discovered, yet I keep going. I've submitted to the HBO Access Writing Fellowship in 2017 and 2019, and was in consideration for a while but was not selected, I told myself "next time" and now that time has come. This year I will enter multiple film festivals with my two prized screenplays: The Wedding Breakup, a sad romance/chicklit, and Flawed Teeth, a mystery/thriller/paranormal pilot. I hope to share my work with the world and inspire the fact that anyone can write something amazing.

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