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The Way Station

Working title: “THE WAY STATION” (Genre: Fiction-Mystery)
By Minister Larry Montgomery, Sr.
Author of the ‘U.S. Marshal Harry Bailey Parables of Life Series’

The Way Station is a fictional account of what could happen immediately following a person’s death. This book is about the moment’s right before the souls of six strangers transitions to either the other side of life, better known as the ‘hereafter’ or to the next phase of life, known as the second chance to get it right. This book was written on the theory that either you learn the lesson you were sent into this world to learn, or you can be recycled, given another chance to get it right before it is finally too late.

Seven people take an elevator ride together, each from different walks of life, but unbeknownst to them; they are each riding into either their next destiny or a second chance. In their minds, they are all going to the top floor of an office building owned by a world renowned charitable organization, to receive a cash reward for doing something good but none of them really remembers what.

None of the six awardees are known to one another but during the elevator ride to the top-floor office they each have a chance to talk about that part of his or her life, they believe earned them this recognition. And as they tell their story, they recollect the trials and tribulations they went through which made them worthy of this honor. Each person’s story is of no consequence to any of the other recipients, but the seventh person on the elevator seems to know a lot more about their lives then even they realize.

Once each of the awardees reaches their individual destination they are ushered off of the elevator to confront life’s ultimate choice; to choose their soul’s final destination. Each awardee is left to choose between two doors. Each door holds a different destiny behind it. So don’t be fooled by the majesty or outward appearance of either, the one selected is the one each recipient is most worthy of. One door is made of solid OAK and the other solid Burch wood.

The passengers on this trip include: Mark, age 25, a slightly built gay white male, who won an award for the act of ‘Reconciliation’ and ultimately chooses the Oak door. Murray, a 65-year-old frail Jewish businessman, honored as businessman of the year, chooses the Burch door. Mable a 42-year-old, overweight heavy set, single black woman with 6 children chose the Oak door as well Mary who was selected for her humanitarian lifestyle, a life of giving and helping others that seemed to revolve mostly around the idea that no-good deed ever went unpunished. She chose the Oak door as well. And both Margaret and Michael chose the Burch door. Margaret a 59-year-old, Hispanic businesswoman, another recipient of the business person of the year award and Michael a 38-year-old, Black male, from a housing project, who was selected for an act of selflessness, he had been designated an humanitarian.

Ride with these six people to their final destination and read how each of them chose their soul’s next resting place based on their interpretation of the many trials and tribulations that made up their lives. Then see how your life compares to theirs, if at all. And think what you would say to the others traveling on the same elevator, to their next destiny, if your soul was required today!

You just may find out, more about what really awaits you at the ‘Way Station.’

  • Larry Montgomery
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    Screenplay, Television Script
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    Fiction, Christian, Thriller, Occult
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Larry Montgomery


Minister Larry Montgomery, Sr., is a retired Banker currently publishing the only weekly African-American community newspaper on Long Island. Minister Montgomery, Sr. holds a MBA from Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York where he grew up, married and raised three loving children.

Minister Montgomery committed to penning twelve of the Lord’s parables under the cover of the life and times of a fictional character named U.S. Marshal Harry Bailey.

That was 100 books ago. Since then he has written another fictional short story entitled; “The Game of Your Life” and most recently "Bitter Roots a reboot of the Book of Ruth.".

He hopes that you enjoy reading this effort as much as you did or will his previous efforts.

Thank you for considering this work and please feel free to pass it on. We hope you find a few moments of relaxation when reading this book and that you look forward to reading his next effort; “INTENSE”.

May God continue to Bless You and Yours!

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