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The Valley

The Valley

Craig Comstock

A group of six friends unwittingly hike deep into a cursed valley where they are plagued by possession and terrorized by an ancient, native witch who has been trapped in the valley for 150 years.

MALLORY, MELODY, MASON, FREDDY, SOPHIA and BRODY are siblings and friends who set out on a day hike. FREDDY and MELODY are siblings, native and MELODY is autistic. With MALLORY, MASON, MELODY and FREDDY being extremely experienced hikers, they decide to turn their day hike into an overnight stay. BRODY alone knows there could be gold in the valley.

The friends set up camp and have dinner. An unseen force soon besieges them. SOPHIA is killed, BRODY harms MALLORY and races into the woods. MASON pursues him and is overtaken by the WOLF WITCH.

FREDDY also pursues BRODY while the girls continue their escape. FREDDY finds MASON held captive in an old shack but is overpowered and also tied up in the shack where they learn that BRODY is under the control of the WOLF WITCH.

The girls encounter an OLD NATIVE MAN who informs them of the WOLF WITCH and the curse upon the valley. A curse cast by fleeing indigenous tribes after white townsfolk killed many of their members, including the child of a mother who returned to the valley only to be trapped by the curse. That heartbroken mother now haunts the valley.

The WOLF WITCH cuts off BRODY’s hand and kills MASON. The chaos allows FREDDY to escape. As the girls are once again attacked by BRODY, MALLORY begins to give up. FREDDY finds the girls and thwarts the attack by BRODY. The three then formulate a plan. The girls wait for FREDDY who must return to the campsite.

The WOLF WITCH springs the girls from their hiding spot and pursues MELODY who has become trapped. BRODY overtakes FREDDY and begins to beat him to death. The OLD NATIVE MAN returns to shoot BRODY and the WOLF WITCH is mortally wounded by MALLORY.

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Writer - Craig Comstock