The VFX Games is a tournament-styled competition, sponsored by RocketJump and Hitfilm. Starting December 1st, contestants will be given out a VFX challenge that they have the course of a week to complete. The challenges will get harder and harder each week. After the last challenge, the panel of judges will sit down and tally up each one out of 100. There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. For more details and to sign up, visit The VFX Games page on our website:

This will be a prize pool, so first place winner gets to choose what they want out of the 3 prizes, second place will choose what they want out of what's left, and third will take what's left.

The prizes are:
Copy of Hitfilm 3 Pro, a powerful editing and VFX software by FXHOME.
iPhone 6 filmmaking kit by RocketJump (two lenses +case) essential for any filmmaker shooting on their phone
RocketJump merchandise (Shirt and mug). RocketJump is home to many VFX heavy videos, and they're providing some awesome merch for you to represent.

1. Follow the instructions with each challenge.
2. Stock footage is allowed, but please credit the maker.
3. Have fun with it!