The Unstoppable Ede Ace - The Great Ape Escape

Ede Ace Willis ends up owning a city magazine, only to find out it’s going broke, creditors were knocking at the door. Advertisers and subscribers were almost nonexistent. Faced with bankruptcy, he had a big decision to make.
Time was of the essence; he needed a big idea, something that would make the magazine the talk of the town. Ede Ace decides to build the world’s largest ape. Naturally, he would be reading a LifeStyle magazine. The ape, named Big Guy, was placed on top of the tallest building in town.
To unveil Big Guy and the newly rebranded LifeStyle magazine, Ede Ace hosted a spectacular rooftop party. The “must go to” party, draw over 700 people, full of VIPs, advertisers, and potential subscribers.
Ede Ace’s story was inspirational, his journey was unbelievable, full of anxiety, stress and frustration. He had to deal with dozens of challenges, everything from building an ape, turning around a failing magazine, and solving a murder. To top it off, he did all of this, while under the pressure of staying out of jail.

  • JD Bock
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    Television Script
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    United States
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Writer - JD Bock