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The Unexpected Resurgence

Prudhvi, a priest in a small Indian village, is ostracized and forced to live in the forest after ignoring social customs to save a kid. To help his son, Hari, overcome boredom, he presents him with an ancient script and asks Hari to teach the script to a nearby tree.

Hari finds himself orphaned when his parents die tragically. At this time, Surya the tree takes care of him and communicates with him using dried leaves. After a few years, Hari returns to his village and requests his friend, Mitra, to witness the tree's ability.

News about Surya, the talking tree, spreads like wildfire, attracting media attention. The government forms a team to investigate this phenomenon, but to everyone’s surprise, Surya announces the trees' intention to wage war if deforestation continues.

World leaders dismiss the threat, ordering to relocate or eliminate Surya. All attempts to neutralize the tree, from small commando units to the use of warplanes, fail. Identified as the only hope, Hari helps negotiate a deal between mankind and the trees.

The trees agree to share their fruits and agricultural plants with humans, forbidding the destruction of any living tree for their gain.

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    Magical Realism, Drama, Adventure
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