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The Ugly Chick

A romantic comedy

When an attractive teenage girl, JILL NOVACK, has to wear a temporary, but ugly looking neck brace, her boyfriend dumps her because he, “can't be tied down to an ugly chick” during senior year. She's heartbroken and vows to her best friend, AMY DAVIS, that she'll never fall in love again.

Fifteen years later, Jill has serious commitment issues and a phobia of weddings and refuses to attend her sister's upcoming wedding. She befriends a homeless man, WALTER and his dog, LOLA. She takes them food and develops an attachment to them.

Jill's best friend, AMY DAVIS recruits Jill's help for an article she's writing called, Can Ugly Women Find Love, because she thinks it can help Jill with her issues. Jill disguises herself as an ugly woman to see if she can find a man who will like her even if she's ugly. While she's dress as “the ugly chick,” an attractive and successful guy, David Martin, asks her out. However, she doesn't know that the only reason he asked her out is because his friend, RYAN, bet him he wouldn't date someone ugly.

Even though David asked Jill out because of the bet, he finds that he actually likes her from the moment they meet. Their first date is at restaurant where David's ex-girlfriend turns out to be the waitress. She purposely spills wine on Jill and, while she's in the bathroom cleaning up, her fake nose falls off and flushes down the toilet. Jill ends their date early by pretending to have a nose bleed and hurries out of the restaurant. They make plans to go out again, but Jill is hesitant to go. She tells Amy that she really likes David but she feels guilty about lying to him and doesn't know how to tell him the truth. Amy tells Jill it will be better to tell him now instead of waiting and Jill says she'll tell him the truth on their date the next day.

During a great second date, Jill starts to tell David the truth about the makeup and the article. However, before she can tell get it out, part of her fake face falls into her beer and she drinks it. David freaks out and asks why her face is falling off. Jill tells him about the article and he storms off, believing that she's just using him.

Jill is broken up about David. She tells Amy that David is the first guy she's actually liked in fifteen years but she screwed it up. She says, “Talk about shitty luck. Thirty seconds. That's all I needed. Thirty freakin' seconds and I would've told him the truth...but instead, my face falls off like I'm a fucking zombie.

Ryan gets David to admit that he still likes Jill. Ryan tells David to, “stop acting like a little bitch” about the situation and go tell her how he feels. David shows up at Jill's apartment where they make up. They start to date and things are going well between them. She tells him about Walter and Lola and he asks if she would like to met his friends.

When Jill shows up at David's office, she learns from Ryan that David only asked her out because of a bet. She gets upset and breaks up with him. Jill tells Amy that she thought David was different but he's just a jerk like the rest of them. Amy tells Jill that David isn't a jerk and that she's just scared of getting hurt again. She tells Jill that she needs to grow up and the that the only reason her and her long time boyfriend haven't gotten married is because she knows Jill wouldn't be at her wedding.

Amy leaves the finished article with Jill. She gets emotional after reading it and calls David. David's busy with a client when she calls but he asks her to meet him for drinks at the hotel bar later. David's ex-girlfriend shows up at the bar just before Jill does. She tries to get David back and hands him her room key but David isn't interested. Jill sees David hand the room key back to his ex and she gets the wrong idea. Jill's devastated and leaves, but not before David sees her rush off.

Jill gets drunk and vents to Walter about messing things up with David. The next morning, David finds Jill asleep on the sidewalk, next to Walter and Lola, and explains that what she saw was a misunderstanding. David tells Jill that he loves her and Jill invites him to her sister's wedding. When Jill tells David that she's going to have Walter and Lola move in with her, he puts them up in one of his apartments and gives Walter a job at his investment firm.

One year later – Jill, David, Walter and Lola all attend Amy's wedding. Jill catches the bouquet and is briefly mortified, but as she looks at an amused David, she's happy and jokes with him about getting married. She asks Lola if she'll be her flower girl. Lola gives an excited BARK and Jill and David kiss.

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Tammy Bates lives in Utah and enjoys the beautiful outdoors with her wife and two dogs. She is passionate about writing and loves films of every genre.

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