The Truth

Stefan D. – The Truth (Lyrics)

Yeah, I’m afraid many of us live in a lie
You want some truth?
I hope Almighty God will open your eyes.

[Verse 1]
Man I’m convinced we ain’t living right
Have you ever wondered why we created by the God?
Is our purpose doing something which we don’t like?
Stressed through the day, becoming dead inside
Working from the nine, end in the five
Come home when is dark, where is the life?
This world makes you be separate from the God
We chasing money, thinking ‘bout existence a lot
Ruin our health, stop for a sec
Step back and think, take a deep breath
Where is the passion, where are the dreams?
I know God for the reason gave us this gifts
Please do your thing, rest your soul
Pray to the God, Him to follow
I know is raw, this is the world
Go in the Church, with Lord make your heart warm!

[Verse 2]
See, I don’t really read newspapers
‘Cause every time I checked it makes me anxious
I’m trying make distance from world actions
I pray to the God, only He can save us
God please forgive me for my sins
Now I can see what life purpose is
Definitely not what the world giving is
Distraction from You, distraction from the peace
Prayer is important, oh yes it is
God is calling you, tell me will you answer it?
Do you run away from Him, I feel like I did
Thank you Lord, ‘cause I know You never quit on me
I want to live different ‘cause I am sick of classic
Living ordinary life, this world system is basic
The truth of this lifestyle, ha
You just need to be strong and face it...
The only thing I’m afraid of is getting stuck in this life
To live kind of life, which I don’t like
I pray to the God for my purpose every night
It can really hurt, if we waste our lives
Please, just open your mind
Don’t let them ruin your life
Please just turn to God
He’s the only way...
In this madness!

[Verse 3]
Yes, I’m a Christian and I am proud of that
Yes, I believe Jesus is the only Way
Yes, I believe He died on Cross for my sins
So I can repent, He gave me eternal life to live
He defeated evil, He defeated death
He defeated world, He gave us new chance
He gave us the hope, He gave us the life
He rose from the dead, our God is alive
How much He loves us, we can’t understand
This is above us, there’s no words for that
We are too small, He is too Great
We must believe, Lord please give us the faith
So Thank You Lord for everything
And I know that everything You can hear
I know that You know all and all You can see
And I know God, only You, we must fear
You changed me, I’m not the man what I used to be
You saved me Lord and You brought new life in me
Before I was blind and I couldn’t see
But You opened my eyes and I can see perfectly
For every bad thing, what I did
Please forgive me Lord, have mercy on me
I know that You know this is pure honest from me
I surrendered to You, I want to live by Your will
You, who you listen, I wish you the same
There’s will be no second chance, when it comes to the end
All money in the world can’t buy peace what I have
What God’s giving me through the prayer everyday
If you want the Truth, the Bible is key
The living word of God, so you can live
Life with the purpose, surrender to Him
He will come and save you, but you must believe in Jesus Christ!
If you want eternal life...
Just think about this
Peace be with y’all
All Glory to God, amen.

  • Damnjan Tadic
  • Stefan Djerkovic
  • Stefan D.
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    3 minutes 27 seconds
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    July 26, 2020
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Artist Biography

I am coming from small country in south east Europe called Montenegro. From childhood I started listen rap music. With God’s help I learned how to rap and write the lyrics and also I learned English too.

The music I was listening was not good, that was ‘gangsta’ rap, typically for rap music. But when God came into my life, He started change my plans and I started listen. Now I want to praise and glorify His Almighty name. Everything I do, I want to do in His Glory name, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and our Saviour.

What He did for us, He bought me for life. He gave His life for us, what do we need more? He saved me brothers and sisters, He washed my sins away, He showed me His Great mercy and love. He is going to do same thing with you, only if you really want. I am amazed with Him, He is everything to me, literally!

My mission on this earth, whether I succeed in music or not, is to serve the Lord, not the world. And my final goal and destination is His Kingdom of Heaven. May Almighty God give me strength and faith for this, so I can make it. Not because I deserve it, I’m a sinner, but because His grace is too Great.

All Glory and Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ! May His peace be with you all and God bless you all! Amen.

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