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The Tree

In a faraway place somewhere, there is a house where the communication and access to it is difficult due to the remoteness of its location; a small family of three lives in it
people, CARLOS (56) the father of the girl, ALICIA (8) daughter
of Carlos and TOMÁS (12) adopted son of Carlos.

Both children play hide-and-seek in the surroundings of the
home, the game is interrupted by Carlos, who talks to
his daughter and explains that she must go away to study and be someone in her life and that he can no longer support her because of the poverty that overwhelms them. The girl refuses the idea of leave and leaves her father, she gets in an old car
who arrives at the house and takes her out of the place, he advances and girl from the rear window of the vehicle says goodbye to Carlos and his friend Tomás from him.

Years go by and ALICIA (28) arrives at her childhood home that
she left at the request of her father, she gets out of the car and is received by an adult TOMÁS (32), careless, with threadbare clothes and old age features despite being a young man. The woman she begins the walk around the house and realizes
she tells that nothing has changed, only that she is older and
dilapidated, she walks to the back of the house and sees
the tree planted there, she approaches, it hasn't changed either
despite the years, the woman touches him and Tomás whispers to her something into her ear, and Alicia remembers what the man said to her.

Alicia sees her past pass in front of her, she remembers both of
children lying on the ground under the tree side by side
another, declaring love and marking the place as a moment
important to both of them, the boys hold hands
sealing his love, looking up at the sky.

Coming out of the memory, beyond the tree, the woman sees a
cross nailed to the ground, she approaches and Tomás tells her that there her father is buried, Alicia nostalgic and almost in tears she falls to her knees, remembering it. As a child, she sees from the door of the room of her father, lying on the bed and sweating for a sick person who afflicts him.

Alicia gets up, she continues with the tour, seeing the
state of the house, she reaches the living room area and sees
that the deterioration of the place is quite great, she continues
walked and arrives at the beginning where she began the tour, the woman approaches a window and touches the heart engraved on her door, Tomás diverts her attention by offering her something to drink, she accepts, and they enter, inside the woman she remembers a last scene from her childhood with the boy Tomás.

After a few minutes, she leaves the glass of water on a
Table, she confesses a wish to Tomás and they both look at each other fixedly without moving.

Everything goes back to the beginning, the past becomes present and, Alicia girl gets out of the car that she had boarded minutes before, she enters the house and hugs her father and then Tomás, Carlos asks her the reason for her action, she answers happily, she grabs her friend by the hand, they walk to the side.

Back of the house, they go to the tree, stop,
they stare at each other and kiss. The wind moves the leaves
tree indicating leakiness, young people listen to the sound
generated by the rows of these forming the words of the

  • Alexis Dario Jimenez
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    El Árbol
  • Project Type:
    Screenplay, Short Script
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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  • First-time Screenwriter:
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Writer Biography - Alexis Dario Jimenez

From a very young age, I have been interested in cinema, a passion that I inherited from my grandparents who worked in the film and television industry in my country for many years.

I have a degree in audiovisual journalism and filmmaking. I have worked in the production of feature films, short films and television commercials.

Furthermore, I am a photographer; I also use video editing programs such as Adobe Premier, Final Cut X, Vegas Pro, among others.

I have written scripts for feature films, I have been a camera operator, a boom man in different projects.

This passion for the industry has taken me down different paths. Now I am looking to make a career in this country and finally settle down.

I speak and write Spanish as my mother tongue, with very good spelling.

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