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The Tiger : Part 1

A rebel leader of a ethnic Tamil minority with a small ill equipped force,The LTTE, is being squeezed out of land to fight as his enemy the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) hit him with their big guns.

Despite reservations he sits for an interview with a kidnapped Time Magazine reporter lifting a media blackout to reveal the human catastrophe that is unfolding.

A neighboring juggernaut India with the 3rd largest army in the world comes to his aid in peace. Providing aid and troops for peacekeeping. Things go well at first but quickly their bungling bureaucratic systems allow the SLA to steal the upper hand.

The Indian’s continued impotence dealing with countless SLA infractions and heavy handed leanings towards LTTE disarmament leads the rebel Prabhakaran to the conclusion that eventually they will be in his way.

As a preemptive measure he launches the first ambush on the Indian peacekeeping force

  • MANORANJAN Kunasegaran
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  • MANORANJAN Kunasegaran
    Boston Lgbtq Film Festival
    November 30, 2013
    Official Selection
Writer Biography - MANORANJAN Kunasegaran

Taking the path of entrepreneurship during film school, I veered away from the safety of a promising fledgeling broadcast career. An early dalliance with the entertainment industry resulted in an unexpected offshoot career in marketing, promotions and strategic partnerships spanning the last 12 years. The result today (with the aid of 3 other founding partners) is a renowned, ​recognised lifestyle marketing group in Singapore, Creative Insurgence ​(and its subsidiaries)​, ​that we and I took from ​start up to Nasdaq listing ​in just 8 years in 2016.

After 12 years ​at the zenith of the entertainment & lifestyle marketing industry the time has come for me to pursue my true passion, screenwriting, leaving behind f&b concept executions and agency level work which I’ve come to be very proud of at Creative Insurgence but now outgrown.

Thus, as I seek to grow as a feature screenwriter personally,​ I am keen to embark on challenges professionally that will encourage creative growth​ with lateral thinking and open doors to learning experiences that will enrich my experience bank.

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Im burning to unleash this film inspired by true events that deserves a global telling. There are many lessons here for us all. That 2 wrongs don't make a right and that life isn't grey alone. That there are clear blacks and whites to be observed and respected.

I have followed the conflict from age 9 as an ethnic Tamil despite having no roots whatsoever in Sri Lanka I was passionate about the struggle for many years and often even biased about the injustices perpetuated by my side the Tamil Tigers. Even as a young filmmaker at Chapman University 10 years ago I wrote a very different first act glorifying Prabhakaran and his "freedom fighting" movement the LTTE. Now 10 years laters I'm telling a completely different story. One that is informed with research and insight best served with a tinge of hindsight. I didn't know better about the actual situations. The role of the propaganda machinery in the LTTE movement alone deserves a miniseries of its own.

This ultimately is the story of a man who went from zero to hero, to villain and then to grotesque monster who turned his guns onto the very people he took up arms to protect. Its a tragedy told over 3 feature length films . With potential for a series to fill the gaps because there is just so much real stuff that happened in this the longest running civil war in history in the otherwise beautiful island nation's.

For instance between the years of 1976 and 19897 before the Tamil Tigers reigned supreme in all Tamil areas as the sole representative of the Tamil people there were other groups staking the same claim and they were all annihilated by the Tigers in cold blood. Tamil killing Tamil for the right to represent other Tamils. How crazy is that. Well it happened and true to word fact is always stranger than fiction.