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The Thirteenth Day

The Thirteenth Day is a historical WWII thriller piece, surrouding one of the largest cover up in American history. This is a time piece, set in Jim Crowes South. There is nothing like this written in Hollywood.

  • Justinah McFadden
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  • Best Short Film Winter Selection FAMOUS

    April 3, 2017
    best short film
Writer Biography - Justinah McFadden

Retired Army Veteran and Police Officer, turned novelist and scipt writer. New York City native, trained in theater at an early age, and now resides in Los Angeles, CA since 2015. Attended LA Film School and Taft Law School for entertainment law. The young writer is an author of eight works with a ninth on the way. Her goal is to transform her best slling books into major motion block busters.

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I knew since I was 8 years old that I would be the worlds greatest writer; I am simply waiting on the world to catch up.