Private Project

The Tenant

Maurif Faisal Hussain (30), an idiot painter, has recently relocated to Mumbai and resides in an apartment on cheap rent, facilitated by the property broker, Bablu Dalal (40). However, Maurif is obligated to vacate the premises promptly upon the arrival of the rightful owner or a genuine tenant, as instructed by Bablu. Despite the challenging conditions, Maurif reluctantly agrees to these terms in order to save money for his art gallery exhibition fees. One fateful night, Sonia Chandwani (35), a model-actress, unexpectedly enters the apartment with a large trolley bag and discovers Maurif naked. To evade an uncomfortable confrontation, Sonia pretends to be visually impaired. Nonetheless, she urgently insists on the apartment's prompt vacancy, asserting her legitimacy as a tenant while awaiting her transportation's imminent arrival.
Amidst the ensuing dispute, an unidentified man enters the premises, leading Maurif to assume he is a truck driver. However, Sonia harbors suspicions that he is Rony, a notorious drug dealer. In response, she brandishes a firearm, emphasizing her unique ability to sense and accurately shoot targets despite her visual impairment.

Maurif makes the impulsive decision to leave the flat immediately, but he finds himself caught in the middle of a conflict between the visually impaired Sonia and a mute Rony (35). Eventually, circumstances lead to Sonia vacating the flat, and Maurif aids her in the dead of night. During their absence, the man delves into an investigation and stumbles upon a lifeless body concealed in a trolley bag. As the story unfolds, it is revealed to the audience that the man, Rony, is a drug dealer and a skilled assassin, while the deceased is Mihir Chandwani, who had planned to murder his wife, Sonia Chandwani. However, Mihir succumbed to a cocaine overdose just moments before executing his scheme, prompting Sonia to pack his body in the trolley bag and transport it to Mihir's vacant flat. Now, in the present, we witness mute Rony placing the body in a rocking chair, using software that converts text to voice to call the police, and then leaving the flat. Upon Maurif's return, he stumbles upon a lifeless body seated in a rocking chair, and simultaneously, the doorbell rings, prompting the arrival of Inspector Rakesh Sawant (35) and Constable Aakhya Thobe (40) for investigation. Managing to evade the authorities, Maurif discreetly places the body in a sack and leaves it at a public garbage container late at night. The following night, a Madman (45) unknowingly takes away the sack. Early in the morning, Maurif vacates the flat, taking all his artworks with him, and rents a modest room in a slum area. Sonia learns of Mihir's substantial insurance of six crores and decides to hire Rony to locate the missing body, as the claim can only be processed upon its discovery. Meanwhile, Inspector Sawant and Constable Thobe successfully apprehend Bablu Dalal and return to the flat to initiate the inquiry aimed at uncovering Maurif's whereabouts. In the midst of the investigation, Rony and his accomplice, Jaggu (25), relentlessly chase Maurif through the slums, ultimately kidnapping him and confining him in the backyard of a dhaba along the highway. During Sonia's absence, Inspector Sawant and Constable Thobe arrive at her bungalow and stumble upon compelling evidence linking her to the murder of Mihir Chandwani. However, the situation takes an unexpected turn when Sonia arrives at Rony's dhaba and interrogates Maurif about the whereabouts of the body he disposed of during the night. A heated conflict ensues among the three, reminiscent of the events that unfolded earlier. Meanwhile, Inspector Sawant and Constable Thobe, following Sonia's phone location, arrive at the dhaba. They devise a nefarious scheme to eliminate Maurif and simulate his demise. In a cunning agreement, the police consent to identify Maurif's body as Mihir's, facilitating the resolution of Mihir's mysterious disappearance and enabling the trio to divide the insurance funds among themselves.

To accomplish the plan, Rony embarks on a solitary drive along the highway, with an unconscious Maurif seated beside him. However, fate intervenes as he collides with the same madman who is dragging a sack. Rony loses consciousness, and Maurif regains consciousness, seizing the opportunity, Maurif takes decisive action. He replaces Mihir's body with Rony's and covertly leaves it at Sonia's bungalow. As Maurif departs, a sense of anticipation fills the audience as Mihir regains consciousness, and it becomes evident that Mihir was never truly dead but had lost consciousness due to a drug overdose. Believing it to be the same night as planned, Mihir proceeds to call Rony while taking Sonia in the car. Unbeknownst to him, the madman continues to drag Roni in the sack along the footpath, completely unaware of the intricate web of events unfolding around them.

  • Amjad Khan Khan
  • Project Type:
  • Genres:
    Crime, black comedy
  • Runtime:
    12 hours
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project: