We are currently in the golden age of television, with episodic content drawing the biggest stars and telling the most compelling stories. Thousands of cable and streaming providers are looking for new, fresh content for their programming needs, while fewer and fewer features are being made or acquired.

Most festivals still cater largely to feature films, while the market has largely moved on.

At "The TV Fest", we cater exclusively to content that translates to the small screen:
- Short films that can be turned into an episodic series
- Narrative Pilot episodes
- Factual Television (reality, documentary, game shows, Video podcasts, etc)
- Teaser or Pitch videos
- Commercials
- Web Series
- Film Trailers
- Music Videos

We will showcase talent regardless of budget, if you have a compelling story to share and a unique voice there is a home for it amongst the thousands of niche providers in the industry.
If you don't have the budget to make a full-fledged pilot episode/web series with high production values, our shorter form categories let you share your fresh ideas with just a short trailer or teaser!

Best of the Fest
Audience Choice Award
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Ensemble
Best Web Series
Best TV Pilot
Best Film/Show Trailer
Best Teaser Video
Best Factual Television
Best Music Video
Best Director
Best Editing
Best Cinematography
Best Sound
Best Original Score
Best Family-Friendly Program
Best "After Dark Program"
Best Genre Program (Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy)
Best Comedy
Best Drama
Best of British Columbia
Best Canadian Program
Best of the Okanagan

The TV Fest will take place in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada on 17-19th June 2022
1. Submission Deadline
Submissions will be accepted from 01 September 2021 to 16 April, 2022.
2. Submission Format
Films must be submitted via a link with password (Vimeo or YouTube) through the FilmFreeway online screener only.
All submissions (aside from Music Videos) must be in English or have embedded, burned in English subtitles. Music videos may be in any language.
3. Submission Eligibility
- There is no completion date policy for your entry
- There is no premiere policy for submission.
4. Premiere Status
- There is no premiere policy.
5. Submission Fee
All submissions for The TV Fest are to be paid through FilmFreeway
6. Selection of Films
Submissions are reviewed and selected under the following criteria:
Strength of story
Quality of narrative and production values
Independent nature of the production
Curated to fit the programming requirements of the festival
Selection must submit their entry through either a DCP or digital file and must be received at The TV Fest no later than THIRTY days prior to its scheduled screening date. The TV Fest will take place from 17-19 June 2022. Failure to submit materials in a timely manner will result in removal from the Official Selections.
7. Festival Screenings and Scheduling
The TV Fest will be screening in a large dedicated movie theatre using DCP format and in full 5.1 surround sound, it may be possible to screen directly from other digital formats but entries may be converted to DCP. Actual screening files should be submitted in 1080 or 2k resolution and MUST be in 24fps to play correctly in the theatre.
The TV Fest aspires to provide the best quality projection possible but will not be held liable for any failure in the technical quality of the projection, nor will fees be refunded in any such case. The TV Fest assumes that the submitting party or filmmaker(s) or entrant(s) or print source company has insured for damage and loss of the festival print or tape.
Screenings are scheduled during the Festival at the discretion of The TV Fest. While every effort will be made to adhere to the published schedule, The TV Fest reserves the right to make changes at any time for any reason, including to the venue or schedule. The TV Fest will not be liable for any costs claimed as a result of a change in scheduling.
No film may be withdrawn from the festival program after its selection as we will be creating digital packages for screening and will unfortunately be unable to undo those.
1. I, the representative of the project being submitted (the "Film"), acknowledge and agree as follows in connection with the Film's submittal to The TV Fest for consideration for The TV Fest (the "Festival"):
2. I hereby represent and warrant to the Festival that (a) I am duly authorized, on my own behalf and on behalf of all other persons or entities who have any ownership rights in the Film, to exhibit this Film at the Festival, (b) this exhibition will not violate any law or any right or consent of any person or entity and (c) the Film is not subject to litigation nor is it threatened by any litigation.
3. I further represent and warrant that, to the best of my knowledge, the exhibition of the Film at the Festival will not violate or infringe any copyright, patent, privacy right, publicity right, trademark, service mark or any other personal or property right of any person or entity and that my Film does not constitute a defamation of any person or entity. I have paid and will pay in full all license fees, clearance fees, and other obligations, of any kind, arising from the exhibition of the Film in connection with the Festival.
4. If accepted, I acknowledge that the Festival's presentation of the Film does not create any confidential or fiduciary relationship between the Festival and I. I understand that I will not receive any compensation for such exploitation, although some prizes at the Festival may include cash awards. I acknowledge that no obligation of any kind is assumed by or may be implied against the Festival or The TV Fest because of the Festival's selection of the Film. I understand and acknowledge that the selection of my Film by the Festival does not in any way constitute an express or implied endorsement or approval by the Festival or The TV Fest of the content of the Film or any opinion expressed therein.
5. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless The TV Fest, the Festival, the affiliate, subsidiary and parent entities of each, and the officers, directors, employees, attorneys, advisors and agents of each of the foregoing from and against any and all claims, losses, or liabilities (including reasonable attorneys' fees) that may be asserted against any of the foregoing or incurred by any of the foregoing at any time in connection with the Film or the Festival's use thereof, and/or arising from any breach or alleged breach of any representation made by me to the Institute or the Festival.
6. If accepted, I hereby grant without reservations, to the Festival, and their related entities (a) the right to use footage, stills and/or titles, and information from the Film for promotional purposes and (b) the right to issue and authorize publicity concerning the filmmakers and the Film and to use all associated names, likenesses and biographical information. I also agree to provide contact information for the director and producer(s) of the Film and grant the Festival the right to provide this information to film industry organizations sponsoring Festival events at its discretion.
7. I represent that I am 18 years of age or older, or that if I am younger than the legal age to enter into contracts in my state, I have provided a written consent from my parent or legal guardian. I agree that any controversy arising out of or in connection with my Film and the Festival will be governed by the internal laws of the Province of British Columbia, Canada.
8. I acknowledge that the Festival has the right to alter the rules and regulations at any time at their discretion as circumstances require. Including, but not limited to: venue availability; public health restrictions; Force Majeure; number and quality of submissions.
8. I acknowledge that I have read and understood the rules and regulations for submitting a film to the Festival.
9. By clicking "I Agree" below, or by submitting a film or screenplay to The TV Fest, I constitute my full and complete acceptance of the terms hereof. I acknowledge that no oral representations of any kind have been made by The TV Fest or the Festival.

Overall Rating
  • Curtis Emde

    Hannah and were thrilled that The TV Fest accepted our documentary 'Why We Write' for their second annual film festival in Vernon – and winning 'Best Factual' was the butter on the popcorn, so to speak.

    But even before that honour was bestowed upon us, we had nothing but fun over the festival weekend – and were both mightily impressed by the communication and interaction we had with the organizers, and with the quality and sense of fun of the swag bags we were given (movie passes, craft beer, Peace by Chocolate and more). The variety of programming as astounding this year as last – there was truly something for everyone...and the fact it was free this year (a no-so little 'thank you' to the community for supporting the Towne Theatre over a rough few months) was appreciated. We'd like to thank the TV Fest for dropping our doc's name in various articles for local media, too! Nice work & congrats. Long may The TV Fest continue to bring fascinating, challenging content to the big screen.

    June 2022
  • Megan Mead

    Really enjoyed being a part of this festival, and the organizers were extremely kind and helpful! Definitely would submit with them in the future, and would love to travel up next time to watch the films in person!

    August 2021
  • Sion Tudor Owen

    Great communication style and a sense of care to filmakers

    June 2021
  • The communication certainly wasn't here with this festival. I would be interested to read other reviews on the festival but given it was a first year, there really wasn't much info on it. Seemed like the typical thing a lot of the festivals do now is make pretty much everyone a finalist so they have something to share with friends and family. It's a very clever way to get publicity for the festival but it doesn't help the filmmaker in the least. Our project was submitted but it wasn't even watched all the way through as we could see who watched and for how long. Seems really unfair to judge a pilot based on 10 minutes viewing when the pilot was 45 minutes long. Ultimately it just seemed like another festival in a long list of festivals that take people's money and don't really do much else other than try and take advantage of people with projects that are trying to get them seen and sold.

    June 2021
  • Teresa Decher

    We were so honored to screen at the TV Fest and be nominated for an award! Thank you for including us.

    June 2021