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The Stylite - Christmas in Alexantine

The country and world are returning to normal after the defeat of the Daemoklos demons by the stylites and the Saracen. Now at Christmastime in the rising city of Alexantine, Teresa Amadei is mourning the loss of her old friend Alice Marion, and meditating on life and death as Christmas Day approaches.

But while she and her cousin/fellow stylite Matthew Abbate meet friends and family, an old threat looms again with the return of the Azdharkins, descendants of humans raptured from Earth by the Daemoklan Azhgok 1500 years ago. Teresa and Matthew, on the advise of their mentor, the desert hermit Father Simon, befriend the four Taishis, vigilantes who fought and defeated the Kingdom of the Red Sun crime syndicate using ancient and modern technology. This group of six must prepare to face Azhgok in the wilds of Turkestan before he can re-establish his demonic kingdom on Earth.

  • Shane Hallawa
    The Stylite
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    Television Script
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    Action, Adventure, Christmas, Holiday, Spiritual, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
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    United States
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Writer - Shane Hallawa