The Story Of T’Challa: The King Of Wakanda

T'Challa, chieftain of Africa's Wakanda nation, is known to most of the Marvel Universe as the Black Panther and sometime Avenger. Being the Panther is more than just being a super hero, it also represents something sacred to the Wakandan people. ...

  • Ron Timmons
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    Fantasy/ Sci-Fi
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Ron Timmons

Having worked in almost every capacity on and off the set, Ron attended the Los Angeles Film School where he produced a total of 8 thesis projects: Messiah, A Snapshot, Century Game, Wallpaper, Solo Act, Kukari, This Woman's Work and of course El Dorko. This remarkable achievement garnered Ron as the most prolific filmmaker in the school's history.

Ron was later hired as assistant to Executive Producer Mark Stuart Lane during which time the company produced four motion pictures. These films starred Peter Falk, William Hurt, James Brolin, Judge Reinhold, David Paymer, Laura San Giacomo and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. He has also worked with Tyler Perry, Kimberly Elise, Steve Harris, Cicely Tyson, Shemar Moore and others.

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