The Sound of Dreaming

On her way to start a new life in Australia, Sonam remembers a trip she had with a ride-sharing motorcycle driver, Bikash, who had been having the same recurring dream as her. As Bikash and Sonam try to find eachother again in Kathmandu, Bikash begins to use his lucid dreams to find her in the real world.

  • Kalani Gacon
  • Kalani Gacon
  • Maya Luna Khan
  • Kalani Gacon
  • Sampada Malla
  • Reema Midhun Magar
    Key Cast
  • Saroz Shrestha
    Key Cast
  • Kabya adhikari
    Key Cast
  • Rohit Rumba
    Key Cast
  • Radha Shrestha
    Key Cast
  • Chhoki Sherpa
    Key Cast
  • Chintan Rajbhandari
    Director of Photography
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Sapana ko Awaz
  • Project Type:
    Short, Student
  • Runtime:
    28 minutes 45 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    November 21, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    11,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
    Yes - AFTRS
  • Busan International Short Film Festival
    Korea, Republic of
    April 29, 2022
    World Premiere
    Official Selection
  • Melbourne International Film Festival
    August 10, 2022
    official selection
Director Biography - Kalani Gacon

Kalani Gacon is an emerging filmmaker from the beautiful small, misty town of Katoomba, Australia who tells the stories of disappearing cultures, people’s dreams, and the frictions of life facing human beings in the changing world.

He has worked across 4 continents in search of stories that touch the heart. He began his career working in TV and News at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), which led him to working professionally in top productions in Vancouver, Canada, including Disney and Marvel films. Kalani has spent the past 7 years living and working in Nepal as a social worker and filmmaker, where he is based.

In 2015 he directed/produced ‘Bhukampa’, a hybrid documentary about the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal told from the perspectives of children, which led a successful impact campaign that was able to improve the life of the participants greatly.
In 2019 he directed/produced ‘Journey to the Centre of the Heart’, a feature documentary about outward migration in Nepal, and the inward migration of foreigners to the same land.

Kalani works intuitively with both established and non-actors to create authentic and powerful experiences in film, often mixing fiction and non-fiction together in the same timeline to create that special magic which is only known to cinema.

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Director Statement

One day whilst working on the TV series ‘Riverdale’ in Vancouver, I got a lift with a grip who had become addicted to lucid dreaming, to try and re-connect with a woman he had met and formed a beautiful connection with but didn’t know how to find again. He told me that they had talked for hours and realised they both shared the same recurring dream. As he drove, his eyes were deeply tired, he said he was not quite awake but was just waiting to go back to his lucid dream. I knew at that moment, that one day this will be part of a film I make about impossible love.

Many years later, after 6 years of living in Nepal, life gave an opportunity to bring this idea to life. Living at the foothills of Tibet, the rest of the pieces of the puzzle of what this film would be fell into place effortlessly. At the core, this is a film about the concept of soul mates, who have been together in a cycle of death and rebirth many times before, but in this lifetime will not have the chance to be together. For our protagonist, Bikash, lucid dreaming has become the bridge between the real world and distant glimpses of past lives together.

Every day, thousands of Nepali youths leave their country behind in search of a new life abroad. Seeing entire villages across Nepal become emptied of young people, I had previously created a feature documentary (Journey to the Centre of the Heart) exploring outward migration in Nepal and the inward migration of foreigners like myself, each party looking for the same thing in opposite ends. With limited economic opportunities, outward migration has become a necessity for most families. Reflecting on the delicate nature of outward migration in Nepal, our story was collaboratively brought to life by our local team, who each brought their own life experiences into the story.

Sapana Ko Awaz film was shot on location in Nepal in exceptionally difficult conditions during the pandemic in 2021. Whilst shooting for another documentary at a protest in Kathmandu, I was placed in jail and released days before shooting was scheduled.

Our film casted non actors and experienced actors side by side. Our casting call received thousands of applicants from far and wide as we tried to find new and authentic voices from people with lived experiences. Our protagonist, Sonam, was a non-actor, who had seen our casting notice on Instagram.

Sapana Ko Awaz is a Nepali-Australian co-production, a collaboration between producer Ms. Sampada Malla (NEPAL), DOP Mr. Chintan Rajbhandari (NEPAL), co-writer Ms. Maya Luna Khan (NEPAL), director Mr. Kalani Gacon (AUSTRALIAN/GERMAN based in NEPAL), and the rest of our brilliant team.