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The Shitty Company

Trish is a Customer Service representative who works for "The Shitty Company", which sells all manner of shitty, shitty products and services. If you've ever used a shitty product or had a shitty service, wonder no more! Chances are The Shitty Company is behind it. TSC's YouTube channel takes you behind the scene to an anonymous cube farm in the suburbs, where a variety of calls are being "monitored for quality assurance purposes". Trish takes TSC customers through various product scenarios and closes that deal every.single.time: Incredibly frustrating chip bags, exploding yogurt tops, truly horrifying office temps, nausea inducing mall music and more.

In her own words:

Hi! This is Trish from The Shitty Company! Check out our product and service offerings! We've uploaded just one recording to showcase our best in class products! We have many shitty shitty products, but know there are lots more out there - DM us!

We hope you will promote us on your socials with the hashtag #theshittycompany! Thanks and have a great day! xo (it's Trish)

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    November 23, 2021
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Director Biography - suzanne taylor

Suzanne Taylor is a corporate sellout living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She has over thirty years of experience working in marketing, mostly for large organizations.

During her last year of business school, the economy hit the tank for what would be several years. Like a lot of her Generation X cohort, Suzanne found herself scrambling to take any job she could, and ended up working for many years in shitty call centres as a "Customer Care Representative".

She eventually found work as a writer and marketer, and continues to enjoy comedy and the occasional spoken word performance when the opportunity comes up.

"The Shitty Company" is her first project.

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Director Statement

During the pandemic, Toronto went into what would become the longest continuous lockdown of any major city in the world. In November 2020, while trapped at home working remote, I went for my daily walk and ended up in a grocery store. When I joked with the cashier that the grocery bags were from "The Shitty Company" as they were very frustrating to open, it got me thinking: What if there actually *was* a company where all of the shitty products and services in the world came from? By the time I got home, "The Shitty Company" was born. I recorded the "Quality Assurance Calls" for products and services I personally think are shitty.

"Trish", The Shitty Company's CSR, is based on an eponymous childhood frenemy who broke my favourite toy on purpose. I wondered what this terrible person would be doing for work as an adult, and a shitty shitty call centre worker is what came to mind.

Each five-minute segment is a recorded "Customer Care" call where we hear "Trish" peddling TSC's offerings. The idea to use a free stock image of a call centre with rows of open concept "cubes" speaks to the anonymity of the call centre experience, both for the worker and customer. The mission of the call centre worker is to sell you crap you don't need or blow off your complaints in a timely fashion. Most CSRs have "metrics" they need to meet regarding time spent on the phone, i.e. the less the better (or in Trish's case she is closing).

To me, "Trish" is the synthesis of everything that's terrible and soul destroying about this kind of work, with her cheery catch phrases and ability to persuade the caller to buy in to the shitty products she is selling. Don't blame us, we're literally The Shitty Company!

Ultimately, if people laugh and/or see their own interactions with call centre reps in these vignettes, I will be thrilled. There are so many SC products and services out there.

Enjoy xo