The Shift Awards is the gala for the conference that recognizes programming that has created a shift in humanity globally in a positive way. Along with the Florida Media Market's Connecting the Multiplatform conference, the Shift Awards is coming back for it's 3rd annual event recognizing the projects that make a "shift" in the world.


1. Feature films or Documentaries (85 minutes or longer) that have been both released and screened at least once between January 2012 and June 2014.
2. Television Programs: 23- 30 minutes for half hour slot and 34-60 minutes for a full hour slot and aired between January 2012 and June 2014.
3. Organizations or individuals who do not hold copyright ownership of a program must obtain consent from the rights owner before presenting a submission.
4. Any submission that lists, in its official credits, more than one production company, is considered to be a co-production and may be submitted.
5. All production companies, including the entrant company if applicable, must be credited on the entry form, and notified. The Florida Media Market will not verify this information prior to a nomination and assumes no responsibility for incorrect or omitted information.
6. The entering organization assumes full responsibility for notifying the other production partners of the submission.
7. In the event an eligible program is submitted by more than one entrant, it is up to the entrants to decide which submission should be used. Duplicate submissions will not be refunded.
8. In the event of a protest by any of the co-production companies, the submission will be declared ineligible. Submissions will not be refunded.
9. Absolutely no pornography can be submitted.
10. Each submission must also specify the genre and target audience.

Additional Rules:

• The entrant must be the original writer or one of the original writers or have ownership rights
• It is the entrant's responsibility to choose the category which best fits the entry. Each entry will be judged in the category selected by the entrant. Shift Awards FMM/GMW organizers urge each entrant to ensure that each program is entered in the suitable category.
• Contact for assistance if you are unsure of the correct category.
• Each entry should be entered in one category only.
• All movies, documentaries or TV shows, must have subtitles in English if the audio is in another language.
• Questions should be directed to
Technical requirements for a trailer submission accompanying an Entry:
• No full commercial or long commercial blacks.
• No burned-in time codes.
• Avoid copyright disclaimers beyond the start of the trailer.
• Please note: Deadline for completion of all video uploads is October 25, 2014.
• Fees Payment is online, by credit card following the indications described on the entry form.
• An additional $30 administrative fee will be charged to both early bird and final entries when candidate will wish to pay by check, bank draft, or wire transfer.
• Please contact to make this special arrangement.
*Fees are non-refundable, including fees paid for ineligible or duplicate entries. Please confer with co- producers prior to entry.
• Please attach trailer through Secure Online Screener on