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The Shadow of the Sand

The base concept of the series:
The series consists of seasons built up of a pilot and five 45 minute episodes. Each season tells a separate story, all of which are connected by time and location. They take place in an area of the Hungarian plain which ranks on international charts in suicides per capita. This is Homokhátság, or the Sandy Plain. The time is the early 20th century, when this behaviour was the most common. The second season would also cover a similar mystery of murders, the story of the Angel Makers of Nagyrév. The rest of the seasons would similarly focus on the very unusual local interpretation of themes such as suicide, murder, and death. In the words of a resident sociologist “the people who live here talk about suicide like one talks about a haircut.”

  • Szilárd Szebenyi
  • Hanna Szebenyi
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    A homok árnyéka
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    Screenplay, Short Script, Television Script, Treatment, Other
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Writer Biography - Szilárd Szebenyi, Hanna Szebenyi

Authors: Szilárd Szebenyi and Hanna Szebenyi, father and daughter co-writers
Szilárd Szebenyi was born in Szabadka on the 5th of August, 1961. He completed his studies in Szabadka, he has obtained university education there. His professional assets and occupations: graphics design and database development.
Hanna Szebenyi was born in Szeged on the 17th of June, 2003. She is currently a secondary school student in Szeged, in Deák Ferenc Bilingual High School. Her assets: excellent language skills, five spoken languages, analytic view on historical events.

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We hereby state that the whole content of this project, especially the compulsory elements such as the main concept, the synopsis of the first season, the pilot treatment, and the entirety of the first scene's standard screenplay is fully and exclusively based on our own ideas. The project will not infringe the intellectual property rights, copyrights, moral rights, patent, trademark or other rights of any third party. We further state that this project was not fully or partially published on any online or offline platform, and was made exclusively for the purposes of this competition.