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The Sentient Being Chronicles. Part One

Jack is sixteen, we start with his alcoholic and abusive mother signing him over the custody of a local mental health hospital, Jack find's life better here than at home, meets a girl and has his very first romance. tragedy strikes and Jack and his new girlfriend a nurse and the driver are involved in a fatal accident, all die but Jack who is rescued by a horned man. Jack wakes weeks later on another planet, during his time here on Harthdome, he learns of a curse and believes the horned man can break it. Jack goes on a journey to find the one called Sire. only to realise he is the one the prophecy speak of. Jack faces trials and must do all he can in order to free the people of Harthdome from this dreaded curse and from the grips of a tyrannical leader of the MAR PEOPLE. Jack finds that in order to pass the third trial and break the curse will come at a very high cost. the many outway the needs of the one. Jack makes the decision that he must to end the curse and frees all the people. in the process he dies and is then ascended to become the Sentient. To Be Continued....

  • James Hudson
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    Action, Drama, Scifi
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    United Kingdom
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Writer Biography - James Hudson

46 year old neurodivergent author of The Sentient Being Chronicles and The Cleansing to name a couple with many other titles in the works. Born in Bradford West Yorkshire. England, to a poor lower class family where education and self development wasn't a priority I broke the mold. Confidence is something that I had to learn, as a child I couldn't look people in the eyes when talking, I would either look above their heads or down to the ground. My years of martial arts training gave me that boost.
Father of two Amazing young men, step father to four incredible people and grandfather to eight wonderfully active and intelligent children who shine a light in the deepest, darkest of days.

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Writer Statement

My goal has always to be a household name in the literature and movie industries. It is no easy task breaking through. But I am tenacious and hungry for the WIN, And I will get my win. I write out of love and passion, but I also write what I believe isn't out there yet. My screenplay, The Sentient Being Chronicles, Part One, breaks the boundaries in conventional storylines. We all as either watchers of movies or writers in the industry look on other works and wish, 'i wrote that'. That is what I hope the Sentient Being Chronicles does. With extraordinary characters and the removal of the cliché's viewers and reader of the original novel will be blown away. I am a great writer with great vision. Now it is time to be the best. Parts Two and Three are already being written. I am ready for the world to see what I have created, the question, I suppose, is. Are you all ready?