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The Scaffolding

This film is based on true events.
The film addresses the Educational problems in Labour Community. Problems such as ‘Why the labour community don’t get proper education’. The film’s story also showcases the difference between well-educated family and Non-educated family. Also, it showcases the change in their lifestyles.
On one side the film consists ‘Child Labour issues and lack of interest regarding Education because of unemployment’ and on the other side the film showcases some life changing experience because of Education’.

Pakya a ten-year-old boy, whose parents work in a brick kiln and whose job it is to make bricks by travelling to various villages and earning money. As a result, they move to a new village in order to work and earn money by making bricks. Because of their helplessness, the contractor of a brick kiln offers them even less money than they deserve, but his parents accept the offer and work there.
Pakya and his friends enjoy playing all day and going places. These boys are obnoxious and act in a similar manner. Sometimes they steal fruits from someone’s farm. On the other hand, in the same village, there is a 10-year-old boy called Dipak, whose father is a farmer and mother is a housewife. He comes from a well-educated family and attends school on a daily basis. Dipak's grandfather gives him excellent advice and treats him as though he's a close friend. Dipak attends school every day and has a great respect for his elders.
Following that, we can clearly see the distinction between these two families. Dipak's family values each other, honors their faith, and maintains a regular routine that involves praying to God and eating a balanced diet. This family relies very heavily on education.
Pakya's family, on the other end, is busy complaining about their co-worker’s and consuming tobacco and alcohol. Additionally, this family is in financial trouble because the contractor does not pay them adequate money, but they often spend loads of money on alcohol. As a response, they decide to put Pakya to work so that he can help his family in these difficult times. Initially, the Contractor refuses to hire Pakya, but after multiple requests from Pakya's parents, he is asked to work in a farm on Machan, near a school (a platform built of bamboos and dried grass), to keep a watch on the farm and protect the crops from animals. Pakya doesn't have much work to do on Machan for now, so he just observes his environment. He spent a-lot of time watching schoolkids participating in events like standing for The National anthem, studying, enjoying a midday lunch, and playing sports.
The Indian Government and the Indian Educational Department have passed a project named "Shala Bahya Vidyarthi" with the aim of educating every child in India. Dipak's teacher is aware of this, and in order to encourage the project and facilitate every child in their education, he went to the Brick Kiln's Contractor to consider Pakya's and his friends' education, but the Contractor demanded money, saying, "If everyone studies hard and becomes a collector, who will work at our Brick Kiln?"
Dipak’s and his Grandfather’s Goats enter into the farm where Pakya works. Pakya starts to run behind the goat to protect the farm. Dipak meets Pakya here, and Pakya continues to yell at Dipak and his Grandfather, but Dipak calms him down and asks Pakya about his school, but Pakya seems to have no response because he does not go to school.
After several requests to the Contractor from the Teacher, the Teacher decided to speak directly with Parents about sending their children to school. Some parents felt good after knowing about the ‘Shala Bahya Vidyarthi' project and now have no issues sending their children to school; but, due to a lack of knowledge, some parents have concerns such as ‘What will they achieve after taking education?', ‘'Education is not worth the time,'' and '‘Companies do not have enough jobs,'' and these parents believe that even after taking education, their children will not be able to find a job.' That is why some parents choose not to spend time on schooling. Listening to the conversation, the gathered children ran away from the teacher but Pakya asked his parents to go to the School. First of all his parents were confuse, but as they saw a hope in his eyes they decided to send Pakya to the School.
Pakya went to school and got his uniform, school bag, and books from the school. Pakya and his father were overjoyed to see this, but her mother was upset because Pakya's income from working at the Machan had stopped. Pakya and Dipak became good friends in school. Pakya's progress was exceptional because he worked hard in class and went above and above to keep up with the other students. He decided to give up his bad habits in order to deal with the difficult situation he was in. We can clearly see the difference in his behaviour and thinking after all of his efforts. He is attempting to be a good student as well as a good human being in society.He is also trying to improve society by convincing others of what is right and wrong. He told his parents regarding 'How harmful tobacco is for the human body.'
With the passing of time, the exams come, and Dipak and Pakya begin to prepare for their final exams. Moreover, the contractor for the brick kiln takes all of the money and left the site without informing anyone. As a result, Pakya's parents must vacate the site because the new contractor will arrive with his labour. Pakya notices the situation and tells Dipak about it. Dipak, who had a decent heart, suggested that they should pray to Ghoghra God. Pakya tried everything Dipak suggested, but the situation didn't change. And that is when Dipak told Pakya about the Big God. They goes to the Big God Temple, there Pakya complaints Big God about Small God and he prays for his Parent’s work after that he returns to his hut and see that his parents are packing everything they have there. Pakya repeatedly asks his parents but they don’t answer him in any way. Next day a Mini Auto (mini commercial truck) arrives at their place and his parents starts to load their stuff into it, at the same time as Pakya don’t know about this he is getting ready to go to school. As soon as he picked up his bag and starts to walk on his way to school, his parents stop him. Whereas Dipak was desperately waiting for Pakya, their teacher also asks Dipak about the same. After completing the exam paper, Dipak immediately ran towards Pakya’s hut and he found out that the place is empty. A farmer over there told Dipak that they left the place this morning, listening to this makes Dipak very sad and he just walk away from that place. The desire of Pakya to attend the school is now left behind as he moves forward. Pakya wearing school uniform leaves the place on auto as he is leaving his hope over there and the travelling auto goes off screen.

  • Amit Jacob
  • Amit Jacob
  • Rahul Meshram
  • Amit Jacob
  • Vivek Gajbhiye
    Key Cast
  • Saksham Bawankude
    Key Cast
  • Rahul Meshram
    Key Cast
  • Project Title (Original Language):
  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Feature
  • Genres:
    Social, Family, Children, Educational
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 28 minutes 8 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    June 30, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    10,000 USD
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • Kolkata People's Film Festival
    March 31, 2022
    South Asian Premiere
    Official selection
Director Biography - Amit Jacob

Amit Jacob is a independent filmmaker,Writer,Director From India. & Make films to show reality of society. Made a short film "The Cradle". on issue of women empowerment & This film "Machan"(The Scaffolding) is debut film. & its based on some real life events. The film addresses the Educational problems in Labor Community.

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I am an independent Filmmaker. & I Make films to show reality of society.