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The Samsons

A.J. Samson starts his first day at a new elementary school and his teacher starts the students with learning how to be parents to an egg. So, she partners the children together. A.J. partners up with a girl, Rebecca Wilson, who takes their partnership seriously thinking that they are married. A.J.s older brother, Patrick Samson, starts to play basketball in his new youth basketball league. He goes from being the star basketball player from his old school to being the shortest, smallest, and worst player on the new basketball team. A.J.s mother, Jody Samson, prepares the table for dinner holding her baby boy, Cory Samson. Suddenly, the rest of the boys come in with their father, Joe Samson, and his father, Patrick Samson a.k.a Grandpa. Grandpa arrives from his flight from Florida. While they start eating dinner, Nate ends up falling out of his chair and gets a slight cut to his forehead, but Jody panics and babies him, when it is not necessary. A.J. and his family go to watch Patrick at his basketball game. Unfortunately, Patrick misses all of his shots, the opposing team steals most of the basketballs that he gains possession on, and he gets dunked on several times. At the end of the game, the opposing team has double digits on Patrick’s team. A.J. tells his brother at least their father will get them frozen drinks and candy for his somewhat effort. A.J. gets into class slightly late. Rebecca panics that he was slightly late and talks to him about how she will not stand for his lack of punctuality if they are going to raise a child together. A.J. argues with her about how he does not even know what punctuality is and how their egg is not a real child.
A.J. is spending time with his classmates during recess as he nurtures his egg. Rebecca walks up to him with a handful of weeds and apologizes to him for yelling. A.J. lets her know that a bouquet of weeds is not the same as a bouquet of flowers and that everything is okay. She gives him a big hug and A.J. tells her that it is just a homework assignment. Angered, Rebecca slaps A.J. on the face, confusing him. Nate is playing outside and Jody is intently watching him. All of a sudden, Nate slips and falls to the ground. Jody panics and runs to catch her son, but does not make it. She reacts like Nate has died, while Nate just gets up and brushes his pants off and lets his mother know that he is fine. Patrick is practicing in the backyard and Grandpa comes outside with him. While shooting some hoops, Grandpa tells Patrick that he bets that he cannot beat him. Patrick laughs it off and Grandpa starts aggressively poking Patrick until he gives in and plays basketball with his grandfather. They have an intense game and Patrick wins, legally, while Grandpa finds ways to cheat his way to victory. Nate is in the front of the yard and is riding a tricycle. Again, Jody is watching Nate like an eagle. Nate runs over a pebble and tips over, but Jody panics and rushes over to save him. Nothing is wrong with Nate and Jody calms down. A.J. comes back to class, wearing a hoodie, and tries to hide himself from Rebecca. He is still very protective of the egg, but when Rebecca comes into class she rushes over to A.J. and immediately kisses him on the cheek. A.J. panics over cooties from Rebecca and lets her know they are not actually married and what they have is just an egg. She is angered by this and tells A.J. that “Rodney” is not just an egg. A.J. is shocked that Rebecca even named their egg. A.J. and his family are watching Patrick in his basketball game. A.J. is overprotective of his egg. As the game goes on, a basketball becomes loose and almost falls on top of A.J.s egg, but his childlike lightning reflexes stops it.
A.J. is watching over his egg as Rebecca is awkwardly holding him tight and close to him. Once she leaves, A.J. sighs with relief and slowly starts to stand up. However, he clumsily drops the egg and cracks it all over the playground. A.J. grabs another egg from the kitchen and he brings it into the dining room as the whole family is playing a board game. As the game continues, Grandpa is losing and begins to make up some rules to help lead him to victory. Everyone starts arguing and Joe slams the table. One of the game board pieces flies and hits Nate in the head. Jody rushes to aide her son as A.J.s egg flies in the air and cracks. With another new egg, A.J. joins his family to watch Patrick in his basketball game. A.J. is hovering over his egg to protect it. Grandpa starts cheering for Patrick because the opponents cannot be better than him. As the game goes on, a basketball becomes loose and falls on top of A.J.s egg, slightly cracking it. A.J. shows the egg to Rebecca with a Band-Aid on it. She panics and cannot believe how terrible of a father he is. Again, he tells her he is not even old enough to be a father. She slaps him on the face and tells him he better get another egg. A.J. grabs another egg out of the refrigerator, places it in his basket, and walks away. Jody starts making breakfast and ends up grabbing A.J.s egg and makes scrambled eggs with it. A.J. comes back and panics when he discovers that his egg is gone. Luckily, Jody pulls out another carton of eggs and gives A.J. another egg. She continues to pack a lunch for all of her boys and lets A.J. know that she packed an egg into his lunchbox. Joe takes A.J. and Patrick to school. Nate is trying to reach for something close to the stove. She rushes over to save him and looks all over him and discovers that he does not have a cut on his forehead and he has been healed.
A.J. is walking down the hallway and trips, leading to his egg cracking. He panics, but remembers that his mother packed eggs for lunch and he looks in his lunchbox and discovers a lone egg. He comes into class and Rebecca rushes over to him to make sure that the egg is safe. They turn their homework assignment in. A.J. is relieved that he is done with the parenting project and watches Patrick’s basketball game. However, A.J. sees that Rebecca is watching her brother on the opposing team. She rushes over and gets close to A.J. and Jody starts to get excited because she believes A.J. has a little girlfriend, when it is quite the opposite. As the game goes on, the two teams are neck and neck and Patrick ends up shooting the winning basket. A.J. comes to school and Rebecca rushes over to him and hugs him. He pretends to put on a sad face and breaks up with her, explaining that it is not her fault, it is his. Angry, she slaps him in the face. A.J. reveals the truth about the egg to Rebecca.

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Alex Stathis is an emerging director/screenwriter/producer from San Diego, California. As an undergraduate at California State University, Fullerton, he created the school’s first comedy sketch show, Laugh Out Loud despite being told it could never be done. He has won many awards with his projects, Homefront, The Hitman's Brother, Love Unknown, and Parenting For Monsters. He has interned with entertainment companies, such as, NBC Universal, AMC Networks, and Shoreline Entertainment. Alex received his Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting from CSUF in Spring 2020.

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Since high school, my passion has been to entertain people and bring joy to them through my writing, which is why I am looking to make it my career.