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The Rules of Business

A dysfunctional group of business partners, including two who recently divorced from each other, have to deal with interpersonal disputes, extra-marital affairs, changing market forces, and a key employee who is about to have a major heart attack and throw their whole venture capital company into chaos.

  • Gary Comerford
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    Television Script
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    United Kingdom
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  • Gary Comerford
Writer Biography - Gary Comerford

Gary Comerford is a writer/director whose main writing focus is on screenplays and teleplays.
In the past few years he has written:
A one hour pilot which made the Scriptapalooza TV screenwriting finalists list, a 2 x 90 minute drama series for TV, a 2 x 60 minute drama series for TV, a 30 minute comedy series pilot written with a writing partner.
In 2016 Gary wrote a one-act stage play that was produced at a local theatre near where he lives in England.
He has three further feature-length spec screenplays in progress which are intended for larger budget productions. As with most writers he also has the best part of a couple of novels sitting on his hard drive somewhere waiting to be finished off. This year’s NaNoWriMo effort is currently over 120,000 words already.
Gary also acts and directs. Prior to moving into the creative industries Gary spent 20 years travelling the world and implementing computer software systems in large, multi-national organisations. It was here he discovered his dislike for meetings, conference calls and time wasters. It was also where he got a lot of material for his writing.
He lives just outside London in a little cottage in the middle of a load of fields
He also loves writing bios in the third person.

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