The Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival is in its eighth year of celebrating excellence in US and International independent films of all genres.

With celebrity guests and film screenings complemented by lively and informative Q&A sessions with cast members and filmmakers, the annual RGIFF is highly anticipated by independent filmmakers, professionals, film lovers and enthusiasts as well as students who participate in our 'Student Filmmaker Night' The RGIFF is threenights of celebrating independent filmmakers!

Red Carpet Ceremony with Press/Celebrities. Awards for 'Best of' and Certificates of Participation are presented at the Filmmaker's Award Ceremony & Afterparty.

The 2018 RGIFF student 'Best of' winner will receive a $500 cash honoraria.

Short synopsis of entry, short trailer, bio of filmmaker, photo of filmmaker, genre/category, production year, MPAA rating if any, and length of film.

If selected, The filmmaker must grant permission for the materials to be used in all publicity pertaining to the Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival.

The act of submitting your film constitutes acceptance without reservation of all rules of the RGIFF.

Note: Entry fees are in U.S. Dollars, are per film and are non-refundable. The Festival reserves the right to disqualify a submission, without refund of any kind, if eligibility requirements are not met including if eligibility status changes post-submission.

Digital Shorts genre is only open to anyone 18 years old or younger [Proof of age may be required] & cannot be a school project [it must be filmed on either a cell phone, tablet, or iPad only]

*Each entry must be accompanied by the appropriate entry fee. Entry fees are not refundable.
*Only entries with full payment & required information will be considered.
*If any materials need to be mailed, the cost of shipping an entry to the festival must be paid by the entrant. Collect or COD shipments will not be accepted.
*Student submissions - to qualify, must include proof of student status at time of production [copy of student ID, letter from school/teacher.]
*Confirmation of the filmmaker[s] legal rights to all music, images and content in the entry.

Overall Rating
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    Roberto Pansini

    Good Film Festival in New Jersey.

    May 2017
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    Tyrell Jason

    Absolutely loved the festival! Can't wait to have another project to submit!!

    May 2017
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    Anthony DiFranco

    I had a wonderful time at the fest, and the folks who came to see "our film," many of whom are disabled, had a good time and enjoyed the whole red carpet glitz. At the after-party, no one wanted to go home. Especially gracious were Tony Damiano. Lynne Clements, and Tess Guiliani. If there were minor glitches in our screening, we didn't care, because over-all the festival was very well run, all our people were taken care of, and the organizers had their hearts absolutely in the right place. Who can resist a private car delivering the filmmakers to the red carpet crowd? Or an after-party with free food and great conviviality? And incidentally, the town of Ridgewood is lovely.

    May 2017
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    Nicholas Abouhamad

    Having been screened there twice before, I was expecting the festival to go as smoothly as it usually does. Unfortunately, this was not the case. The names of both my guests were misspelled on the guest sheet, and there was little to no communication leading into the festival about how things would work. What communication did happen was often riddled with spelling and grammar errors, exclamation points being placed in the place of I's and such. I was initially tapped to do a Q&A following my short's screening but was surprised to see it had been cancelled on the day of my screening without my being told. To add to this, my short was seemingly butchered prior to being screened. It was, I can only assume, re-encoded as a 480p file and was screened far too small on the screen. When whoever was manning the projector noticed this and tried to remedy it by enlarging it, the short was then spread out against the side walls of the theater. It took half the time of the short for it to be scaled properly, which still had some overlap on the walls, and the entire short was rendered out of focus as a result of this. The problem only happened to my short and was immediately rectified following it's completion. There was no apology issued for what had happened, nor was there any reference to the incident having transpired. It was not only embarrassing to myself and my guests, for whom it was both their first screenings, but for the family members and friends who had come out to show their support.

    May 2017
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    Tom Grady

    The beautiful town of Ridgewood, NJ hosts this wonderful festival. There's a high level of excitement to the festivities, from a chatty red carpet to a blow out after party. An all around pleasant experience with wonderful people on hand helping out. We were thrilled to be chosen to have our film shown there!

    May 2017