Little Red

Two young black men – the future Malcolm X and Redd Foxx – arrive in bustling Harlem intent on making their own way – by any means necessary.

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    Television Script
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    Comedy, Historical
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    United States
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Writer Biography

New York comic by way of Stamford, CT. He is the writer and creator of Little Red; a series based on the young adventures of Malcolm X and Redd Foxx at the end of the Harlem Renaissance. You can catch Darren on Wendy Williams, the Root or being snarky to problematic white people on the internet.

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Writer Statement

I met my co-creator Kenan Weaver at a open mic night in New York where I first shared my desire to turn the story of Malcolm X and Redd Foxx's relationship into a satire of American history and simultaneously bring the story of the Harlem Renaissance to life. We have reached out to the family of Malcolm X and Redd Foxx and acquired permission from the family estates, as well as the personal blessing of Malcolm X’s daughter Gamilah in the form of a signed letter of endorsement. The estates are aware that we have every intention of creating a show that honors the memory of these two giants in a hilarious, action packed and eye opening way. Kenan and I have lived our entire lives motivated and encouraged by their story and our experiences themselves are reflections of the themes highlighted in Little Red. After all, we like Malcolm and John, are two black men seeking to reinvent ourselves, armed with nothing but wit, charm and the art of the hustle. We WILL get this show done, by any means necessary...but we would love your help!