The Red Script is a short screenplay competition which rewards the art of the short with cash prizes, and a chance to be produced by experienced filmmakers in film mecca Atlanta, GA.

The Red Script is committed to the undiscovered writer and will provide written feedback on every script submitted.

We make room for genre shorts as well, so submit your short horror, sci-fi and other genre scripts in our separate category below.

Join our instagram @redscriptwriter for our $3...$2...$1... logline challenge. Where winners receive a few bucks in their cash app for writing loglines based on prompts.

- Every script submission will receive written feedback as a part of their entry fee.

- The OPEN genre short script winner will receive $500.
2nd place $200.
3rd place $50.

- The STRANGE genre short script winner will receive $500.
2nd place $200.
3rd place $50.

- The Get Your Script Produced winner is eligible to win any cash prize in either category, and will get their low budget short script made. (Read our Rules & Terms section for GYSP eligibility)


** GET YOUR SCRIPT PRODUCED ELIGIBILITY: Think low budget. Scripts must be1-15 pages. Scripts must not contain more than 5 locations (more or less). Keep locations simple and accessible, as in no government owned buildings (police stations, hospitals, schools, etc.) or places with large amounts of extras needed (movie theaters, carnivals, malls, large grocery stores) We're looking for scripts that can be shot in mom and pop establishments, in homes (large or small), office buildings, etc. Think small and contained, but powerful stories. We can also do light visual effects (Lasers, Future touch screen tablets, etc, and small makeup sfx bruised faces, blood splatter, missing limbs, etc.) At the end of the day, just use your best judgement. We can't wait to read them.**

All submissions must be original, and the sole property of the applicant(s).

For OPEN and STRANGE short script entrants, scripts must be between 1-35 pages.

For Get Your Script Produced entrants, scripts must be 1-15 pages.

All ages are eligible.

Scripts must be written in English and submitted in PDF format.

There is no limit to the number of entries you may submit.

Scripts that have already been produced are not eligible.


If I enter the Get Your Script Produced category and win, do I get money?

If your script is the best overall screenplay we’ve read, despite budget, than yes, you are capable of winning either of our Grand Prizes of $500, or any runner up prizes, and also getting you screenplay produced.

What are the page length requirements?

Get Your Script Produced page requirements is 1-15 pages. All other entries must be 1-35 pages.

Does this contest accept international entries?

Absolutely. Writers worldwide are welcome to participate, but entries must be in English.

Do cover pages count as a page?

No. Your cover page is not included in the page count.

What all goes on my cover page? Do I have to delete my name?

No. Not this year. Names on entries are fine. We won’t look. Your title, name and email is fine.

If my short script is already produced, can I submit?

The contest only accepts short scripts that have not been produced at the time of entry. Anything that has already been produced in any capacity would not qualify. However, scripts produced after the date of entry are still eligible for Cash rewards, just not the Get Your Script Produced Prize.

How do I submit my short script?

You can upload your script directly to the site during registration or submit to FilmFreeway.

What kinds of short scripts do you accept?

Any genre is accepted, including stories based on true events and experimental work. The Red Script is primarily looking for great storytelling and diverse, fresh concepts.

Can I enter my genre script into the non genre category?

Sure dude, whatever floats your boat. If you think your horror script can compete and win with a powerful drama, challenge accepted!

Do I get feedback on my entry?

Absolutely. Every entry gets feedback from our Red Script readers.

By submitting, do I give up the rights to my work?

Nah. We don’t play that over here. All rights remain with the entrant, regardless of the final contest results. For circulation, scripts aren’t sent to anyone outside of The Red Script without the writer’s consent.

Can I update my script after entering?

Unfortunately not. All entries are final.

Any other questions, please email