The Rainbow Patriot

Handsome, a veteran, married and unapologetically gay. The most unlikely of Presidents is elected in a nation clamoring for change and leadership but is the country truly ready for The Rainbow Patriot.

The series follows Alex St.Maurice the nation's 47th President, public figure, nation’s youngest brigadier general, former Special Ops operator and first openly gay President. We are given insight into his life through Terry Oliver, the official Presidential biographer; Tamara Thornton, Alex’s childhood and closest friend; Robert Rush, a seasoned member of Congress and main antagonist; And a revolving group of those that seek to help Alex in his goal of creating the National Domestic Terrorist Database (the registration of hate groups and their members), and those that seek to end his career, because of the threat the database poses, but mostly because they despise him for just being who he is and for being unapologetic for whom he loves. We endure with Terry, Alex and Tamara, through the highs, lows, loves, laughs and losses of the man that Terry affectionately calls The Rainbow Patriot.

  • Jade Dhuman (Sean Berry )
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    Television Script
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    United States
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Writer - Jade Dhuman (Sean Berry )