The Queen of Dystopia

CLAUDINE VANDUSEN (late 30s), author of The Queen of Dystopia book series, desires to escape the control of husband/manager GREG PARKER (40s) and quit writing the books she’s lost passion for.

Psychotic MARTHA HODGE (late 30s) kidnaps Claudine and imprisons her on her farm. Martha proves they’re twins but she was tortured by her adoptive parents while Claudine lived a life of privilege. Now it’s payback time. Martha forces Claudine to write the next book using her ideas  or die. But Claudine resists and Martha tortures her.

After weeks with no word from Claudine, Greg tracks her to Martha’s farm where, imitating Claudine, she seduces and kills him.

Claudine begs her book’s bold character LUCINDA (late 20s) to help her escape. Martha tires of Claudine's attempts and is about to execute her when she claims she’s pregnant. To her surprise, she is! Martha becomes obsessed with becoming mother to Claudine’s baby and after it’s born will end Claudine’s life.

Claudine finally escapes and Martha tries to kill her, baby or no. But Claudine outsmarts Martha and kills her instead. Claudine assumes Martha’s life and begins the next book. She has no clue where Greg is. Or does she?

  • Tina Field Howe
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    thriller, drama
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Tina Field Howe

I live in a picturesque village in Upstate New York. Before becoming a screenwriter I published a children's picture book and two YA sci-fi novels in a series. I also produced an audio book of my first novel and the children's book using actors in the roles, sfx and music. All have won literary awards. I also have a Master Screenwriting certificate and am a creativity coach.

Since I’m a visual writer, my fiction writing experience as well as roles in film and theater became the springboard for my screenwriting endeavors. I recently completed writing and directing my first short.

My strengths are imagination, characters with heart, dialog and action, world building, animation, and ability to work well with producers and directors. I’ve won several competitions, including the 2016 Writer’s Lab which is funded by Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman and Oprah Winfrey, and 2020 Stowe Story Labs, places in Get It Made, Page Awards and others. I’ve completed two feature screenplay assignments and am in pre-production for a proof-of-concept film with Get It Made and Absurd Hero Productions.

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I have a 6-page proof-of-concept version of this story as well as a podcast.