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The Prize

The Prize is a documentary film on living with the consequences of brain injury.
It portrays three women, who in the midst of their careers are struck by cerebral haemorrhage.
After an intensive recovery they try to pickup their former life again. But left with several physical disabilities, they are generally treated as beeing mentally challenged. Being constantly confronted with this prejudice, the women decide to start a campaign to spread knowledge on the effects of brain damage. In doing so they also inspire other patients of brain damage to take up an active role in society gain. In organising their campaign, the woman setup a collaboration with two speech therapist and find a way to work as an equal team. By stepping forward as public speakers they also inspire other patients of brain damage to take up an active role in society gain.

The Prize is a story on resilience and perseverance: the affected patients transfrom into public speakers.

  • Roswitha Eshuis
    Mama Blessing (2008) Behind The Mask (2012)
  • Roswitha Eshuis
  • Roswitha Eshuis
  • Loods, Lux en Lumen
  • Rogier Kappers
    Story advisor
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  • Runtime:
    50 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    March 1, 2020
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  • Roswitha Eshuis
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    Country: Netherlands
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Director Biography - Roswitha Eshuis

I am Roswitha Eshuis, an independent documentary filmmaker from Amsterdam, Holland.

I studied Anthropology at the Amsterdam University and specialised in Visual Ethnography at the Leiden University, which is where my journey in filmmaking started. At university I joined the Amsterdam Student TV that produces and broadcasted on the local cable network, this was an excellent laboratory to experiment all styles of storytelling.

After graduating I made the film Mama Blessing (2008) as an independent director/producer; the film was shown at festivals throughout Europe and South-America.
In 2012 I made the film Behind The Mask that was produced and aired by the Dutch broadcast station TV-West. Behind the Mask was shown at the Cinemasia Filmfestival in Amsterdam.
My current film The Prize (2020) was made again as an independent producer/director.
To further develop my work as an independent director/ producer in 2019 I started The Story’s Foundation.

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Director Statement

As a female director, I am interested in telling stories about women. Often strong women who find the power to go against the tides to reach their goals and realize their dreams. The women portrayed in this film find that power despite the setbacks they suffered in life. By getting to know them and learning about their stories they inspired me to embarked on a collaboration with them in making this film and sharing their mission with the world.